What is a toddler

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This article focuses on the development of a toddler described. Physical development, the more cognitive development and socio-affective development. So it describes the intended audience toddlers.

The target toddlers

Age toddlers

So we came to know that the toddler years beginning after 18 months and end when the child is 4 years old. In about two years to go toddlers from crawling to running and climbing. In the beginning they know only words and later huge stories. For most toddlers toddler age is the period in which they are trained.

Physical development

Most toddlers are quite plump. In toddlers is mainly a question of lateral growth. This means is that the weight vors increases while the length does not really increases. On motor area toddlers often go to great leaps forward. For example, a toddler of 18 months often walk backwards and make a tower of three cubes. And a toddler of 48 months can often hopping, catching color within the lines and a bouncing ball.
One child develops motor quickly and the other child a bit slower. A toddler can and often wants to control his sphincter muscles. A toddler is often between z ?? s 2nd and 3rd day housebroken and between 2.5 and 4.5 years ?? night housebroken.

Cognitive development

Toddlers have strong exploration behavior. They want to investigate. Thus makes the toddler cognitive area an enormous development. The toddler is in the pre-operational phase. Toddler still think very concretely. The toddler can not yet distinguish between reality and fantasy. A toddler of 22 months do an average of 22 words and a toddler of 48 months, there has 1540 words. Often invents the toddler itself words because his / her vocabulary is still not large enough.

Social and emotional development

The toddler is gradually taking the I-awareness. Up until about the third year toddler calls himself in his own name if he's talking about himself. A toddler is often only in the third year I say instead of his name. He discovers that he is a private independent little person has his own will and ourselves can make decisions. A toddler will often becomes so very full of himself that he is self-centered. In his thinking and there is no room for another. He can not, therefore, move in another. All this makes a toddler often very stubborn and toddler throws a tantrum when he does not get his way. A toddler knows he still can not cope with emotions and therefore throws a tantrum. A tantrum may include screaming, biting and / or store. Even a toddler can be tempered if something fails or is not allowed. For parents, carers of the child is very important that they do not go along with the tantrum and not give his sentence the child. The stubbornness phase is also one called the terrible twos. At age three starts conscience to develop. The child knows what is good and bad, but still can not properly see why something is good or bad. Playing together with other children often goes not so good. You can often see the gaming behavior of a toddler that he / she is self-centered. Toddler often plays more like himself. This is also called a solitaire game. Well, you see that the toddler often plays near other children. If a toddler around to play with other children, this is also talk of a parallel game. In a parallel game, the kids play with each other but not together. Toddlers often imitate their play behavior.

Sexual development

At the preschool age children discover that there is a difference between a boy and a girl. They will therefore continue to seek what is the difference. They review and examine their own bodies and those of others. This can make toddlers to play doctor and to see each other during urination or condone. They also feel and discover for themselves what reaction their body gives up here. They present at this age even though questions about where they come from. This desire in this phase, is linked to the toilet training. The toddler must learn to hold onto his stool and at certain times to go to the toilet. This may cause discomfort. Thus, for example, toddlers are afraid of the toilet. But the child can also get feelings of lust as it can let go of the stool. This phase of the child is called the anal phase.