What is an anal plug?

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What is an anal plug?

The "Tree", inflatable tree of American artist Paul McCarthy Vendôme installed, caused a scandal last week. The work, akin to an anal plug too, was ransacked and assaulted the artist. But what is a butt plug, some ask? We tell you more about this sexual object.

Photo: The "Tree" by Paul McCarthy, Place Vendôme © Reuters / Charles Platiau

The anal plug is a cone-shaped sex toy.

The functions of the anal plug

His role ? The plug is more a preparation accessory to anal penetration that an object of pleasure. Once inserted, it gradually relaxes the muscles around the anus.

"It also seeks to overcome fear of anal penetration in some people, Dr. Sylvain Mimoun says sexologist in Paris. When fear is tamed, the penetration becomes commonplace and sexual partners can listen to their pleasure. "

The anal plug is then used to achieve such a sensitive area around the prostate. Through the anus, the plug key peri-prostatic this region in the completely filling.

It can also be used:

  • as dildo when inserted into the anus or vagina for stimulation and excitement;
  • by one person who keeps self as she engages in other activities, even in the presence of others in order to feel pleasure without this path is.

It can be used in the anus as in the vagina, the dimensions of the plug are further adapted to the anus.

Anal plug, manual

The anus is to be prepared, for example by a massage accompanied by lubricant. The plug is also coated with lubricant and gently inserted. After a few seconds, the muscle relaxes and adapts to the toy. Without pressing further, one can turn on itself gradually expanding circles.

Gradually, muscle pressure will decrease and the plug can be pushed a little further. If for some, this simple penetration is sufficient, for others, a back and forth motion will be asked because it stimulates the anal wall, very sensitive.

Anal intercourse is safe if prepared correctly. Also, the plug using the anus to dilate progressively thanks to its conical shape.

The risks associated with the use of an anal plug

"The use of the plug presents risks, including that of tearing of rectal tissue in the case of anal stimulation, says Dr. Sylvain Mimoun. The use of a lubricant and is highly recommended. "

In contact with body fluids, the object can be vector of sexually transmitted infections. It is also advisable not to plug in the anus and the vagina then. The object should be washed after each use with antibacterial soap.

Of plugs for all tastes

PVC, latex, metal, silicone, wood ... there is for everyone!

Anal plug consists of a rather flat and wide base, a wide part and a narrowing and a thin end, round tip. The base can be a sucker, but more generally it is a base remaining outside, necessary to prevent the plug to remain in the anus.

Other forms of plugs exist:

  • plug stimulating the anatomical dimensions;
  • Plug large for some sexual games.

Some plugs are vibrant.

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