What is an IBAN number and how the omrekentools?

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In the Netherlands, has been introduced nationwide IBAN since 2014. Some other countries, however, have already introduced the IBAN. The IBAN number is an "extended version" of the account numbers that we are used to. For this, there are several tools available that determine the entire number for you. However, some agencies do not have to use the IBAN number, making the deposit number is easier to remember. Why the IBAN is introduced? In which countries they use the IBAN and where stands for SEPA? How do the omrekentools and which tools are best to use?

What is an IBAN and why the IBAN is introduced?

The IBAN is a standard that was created to regulate cash transactions. The introduction was made mandatory because of European legislation. Because the money transactions in foreign countries thus be carried out in the same manner, they can be processed more quickly. Indeed, it is a world-wide format. Unfortunately, the IBAN indeed more than the number that was used before. This will help eliminate that contains more information than before.
IBAN stands for "International Bank Account Number." Literally translated it means "International bank number."

The commissioning of the IBAN

The use of the IBAN is introduced from August 1, 2014. In many other countries, however, it was introduced much earlier. In Switzerland one knows the IBAN even since 2001. This one had already been here the advantages of quick transactions with foreign countries. The figure reflects the countries in which use the IBAN. SEPA countries are colored blue. During the determination of the layout had to take into account the amount of information and "friendliness".

What IBAN is made and how the layout looks like?

An IBAN consists of the following components:
  • Your bank account
  • A country code
  • Letters from your bank
  • Padding of zeros

Because of the large format are useful tools that can help you.

Useful omrekentools

There are several tools that can help you. Some tools require more user interaction than the other. Besides not using all the tools equally safe.
For users it made as easy as possible to make an online omnummertool per June 15, 2015 are available. This is made possible through the cooperation of multiple banks. With this tool you can convert your account to a full IBAN. However, there are some teething problems in the web page. The website is protected in any case.
Show My Iban
Toonmijniban.nl is a fast tool. Here you fill in only your account number. With one press of the button at the bottom of your IBAN and BIC number determined. The only drawback is that it is not "making the information transmitted over the Internet is not encrypted.
Unofficial offline omrekentools
Besides the online web pages there are tools that can also be used locally on your PC. This Excel sheets may be to Microsoft Access files. However, be careful with this, attackers can easily abuse here. For example, the software might contain a trojan or virus that infects your computer. This unofficial tools to be shared among Internet users. Sometimes download these tools through forums.


Not every agency, however, uses an IBAN number. Charities have been given the opportunity to February 1, 2016 to use an abbreviated account number. Such a transition period ensures that donors can get used to the time change. The most famous collaboration of aid agencies, Giro555, adopted the IBAN number NL08 INGB 0000 0005 55.

Useful tips

Validity debit
In more and more payment cards is an IBAN number. If this should not be the case, please contact your bank to get a new debit card. Fortunately this is not required, your current debit card is valid until the validity on your pass has expired.
What is SEPA?
SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area. These are the countries that use the IBAN. SEPA countries have opposite SEPA credit transfers and direct debits.