What is bartering?

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It's old fashioned and again relatively new: bartering. In plain Dutch means swapping. In the marketing world it is a method to exchange their own products or services for products or services of another. Without one of the parties is paying with money ?? ??.

Swaps in bad times

Entrepreneurs do not like cutting in the acquisition budget. Sometimes, in difficult economic times, it is unavoidable. If it already is not easy for all staff to adhere to the work, it would be strange not critical to look at this budget.
Bartering can here are two ways to provide a solution. As the first employee just let out their work but without pay, in return for a service or product from a fellow entrepreneur. In addition, it is also possible to use one's own, growing stock in the warehouse, as a medium of exchange. Especially if it is realistic that it will never manage to wear out the entire stock to customers.
Exchanges can be tricky
Bartering is not easy to do right away. It must itself already a number of problems. As the first to find a match. Can the party you have in mind, be off with what you have to offer? Entrepreneurs will find pretty easy customers for their services, for example, are found in the media. Advertising space, photo ?? s, a professional text, for many companies this is certainly appealing. Conversely, it is much more difficult: what should a publishing house after all with a free children's, or a free consultation with a psychiatrist?
Beginning in own network
It is important to be in good company when estimating how much value has its own product or service to offer bartending severe. It might be the best way ever to throw a ball in the private network. The opportunity is also the second largest after that especially in the home network, success can be achieved. Because the parties know each other and because the products may be somewhat in line.
The experiment is bound to fail as a company for something very specific and is looking for that complete unknown companies are going to call out to exchange a product for which that enterprise has an overrated and where the other does not come on waiting. In short: it never works. The chance of success is much greater if colleagues ?? s what give each other and are open to each other's suggestions.
Come to an agreement in principle, the second problem is lurking: determining the value of trade goods. For it is intended that the agreement takes place with no exchange of funds. Its three business photo ?? s worth one child's bicycle, or maybe two? You could almost say that is precisely why money was invented. Yet even solve this if both parties do not want the most out of it again and give each other something. If both companies see the deal in advance to be equivalent, the first step is put. Successful is not it yet. Perhaps one of the parties afterwards however is not satisfied with the product of another, or is not happy with the way the other performs his service.

Find a match

Bartering is certainly not restricted to businesses. Especially in the alternative circuit there are many local initiatives in the same way ?? affairs ?? do with each other. I do bike, if you in return my hair cut or cooking a meal for me. As with bartering remains the difficulty of finding a match.
The solution for that is its own currency, which is limited within the barter value. Each product or service is assigned a certain value, which depends on scarcity and its popularity. To do this in the business world have emerged globally hundreds barterorganisaties. These organizations each have their own affiliated members can trade with each other using their own currency or other currency. The single currency has its value within the organization, so members can easily settle their transactions with each other. It is the task of the WIR to maintain its records and to bring supply and demand together.
Although officially closed deals fairs take place, it is intended that participating companies bill each other for what they do for each other. In the agreed barterpecunia, and for the same value so that they are in fact against each other out. This will create an additional advantage. Not in this system in the debt ?? ?? get, companies will often first give a company an assignment within the WIR, and not his rival outside this circuit. Precisely because of the ability to barter.
For the tax bartering applies incidentally as normal turnover. About barteromzet should therefore be paid tax, which is why it's smart not to make these higher annual revenue than the annual expenses.
Bartering in the world
In the Netherlands, bartering still somewhat in its infancy. In other parts of the world it is perfectly normal. In the United States, nearly half a million businesses experience with this phenomenon, while developing countries, even occasionally as an alternative to the common currency economy. As for as the country ?? s example is hard to get credit, the exchange of rice for example, oil is absolutely not a bad idea.
Cautionary note
Finally, there are pessimists who bartering is a return to the Stone Age. They argue that when a company simply pay with money that company shows respect for its business partners. With bartering a company saddled his partners just on his own inventory or capacity. That should never be the intention, according to the group.