What is oogmigraine and what can you do about it?

Health solderx August 7, 2016 9 0
Oogmigraine is a form of migraine with vision temporarily reduces by black spots, flickering or double vision. This can be accompanied by headaches and other physical symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety / panic and feeling sick. Sufficient rest, the occurrence of stress and the leave of certain foods can reduce the likelihood of an attack.

What is oogmigraine?

Oogmigraine is a form of migraine with a visual fault temporarily reduces or eliminates the visibility. This fault may occur in both eyes but also often in one eye. Sometimes an attack is associated with headache or prior to a migraine attack, but this is not always the case.
An attack often starts with a blind spot or black spots in the visual field that extend in a few minutes so that the visibility decreases or disappears completely temporarily. Also, a snowy image creation or flicker which is increasingly fierce. Then the symptoms take off again and disappear altogether. The duration of an attack varies from five minutes to thirty minutes but sometimes keep symptoms much longer. After an attack may headache, a feeling of heaviness in the head, and a tired or feeling ill occur.


Oogmigraine is presumably caused by blood flow in the brains change. In addition, increased estrogen levels can occur through. Stress or hormonal changes in women trigger an attack. An attack is often frightening because the vision is disturbed, it is wise to consult a doctor. They can refer you to a neurologist after the cause through research can be established. In addition, a neurologist advice on how to avoid an attack.

The following factors play a role in the development of oogmigraine

  • Stress ?? During stress there is a change in the hormonal balance reducing the amount of estrogen is higher than progesterone levels, it may trigger an attack. Due to the increased amount of stress caused by our fast-paced society and the heavy workload, even more people are increasingly faced with a form of migraine.
  • Hormonal changes ?? Pregnancy and menstruation give an increased risk of oogmigraine. Also, women with PMS and menopausal women often suffer from oogmigraine. Some women who take the pill also experience these symptoms that disappear after stopping the pill.
  • Fatigue
  • Long staring at a computer screen
  • Activities involving highly vigilance is required as work, hobbies ?? s or reading.
  • Some foods such as chocolate and alcohol
  • Smoking
  • heredity

The symptoms can oogmigraine

  • Cause a sick feeling
  • Accompanied by aura ?? s
  • Bring a sick feeling
  • Restrict or cause temporary blindness vision
  • Precede a migraine attack after the headache is putting on
  • Cause tiredness after an attack
  • Cause tingling in arms or legs
  • Anxiety or panic produce the limited vision

Even though an attack of oogmigraine often a frightening experience that involves different symptoms, the risk of permanent damage is but very small.

The treatment

A neurologist can by examination find out the cause of oogmigraine and give advice. Additionally, you can contact with peers and exchange experiences, they often have good and useful tips. Sports promotes good blood flow and can therefore reduce the risk of an attack. Smoking and certain foods also have a negative impact on oogmigraine, limit its use. Also avoid the stressful moments much as possible and reduce watching the TV and computer screens.