What is pain and how can we deal with it?

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Pain is generally perceived as something negative, but is this view correct? Nobody likes to be in pain, but pain is very important as an indicator of our body. And when we talk about mental pain, for example, when we have had to absorb a disappointment, it appears that we are often stronger from a situation. From this point of view, pain can also be considered positive. Therefore the question: What is pain?

Physical pain

Leprosy occurs mainly in the Third World. When we see these images on television, we often see people with the most horrible mutilations. However, it is remarkable that these mutilations are often not due to the fact that the disease organism flesh let rot, but rather due to the disease makes people feel no more pain in the limbs. Without the protection of pain miss the leprosy patients, the system warns them of the tissue damage. It is so horrible that leprosy patients do not notice when rats gnaw on their fingers and toes, when these patients are sleeping quietly.
It is therefore good to not merely see pain as a big enemy, but rather as a highly developed biological system that warns when the body is damaged and thereby protects us. The unpleasantness of pain, causes pain protects us so well and warns us of danger or injury. Also urges hurt our bodies to be aware and to take action. The pain experience is stored and protect us in this way in the future for pain.

Preparing for pain

When we are healthy we can also prepare for physical pain. When we see as a signal of our body pain which is of vital importance to us, we could change our attitude toward pain. We look differently to pain. Obviously pain remains an unpleasant experience, but we can be thankful for the system of pain perception.

Our attitude toward pain

The idea that your mental attitude affects your ability to perceive pain and to adjourn, may sound far-fetched, but it certainly is not. Pain begins with a sensory signal, causing the nerve endings are stimulated by something that is labeled as hazardous. Millions of signals are transmitted to the brain through the spinal cord. The signals are sorted and then sent to the brains, which shows that there is pain is present. The brains dig previously screened through messages and decide how to respond. And at that stage to allocate the spirit value and meaning to the pain and heighten our perception of pain or even adjust. To reduce the suffering of pain, we must clearly distinguish between the pain of the hurt and pain that we create with our thoughts about the pain. When we change our outlook and attitude towards pain, it appears that the higher brain functions is the pain signals are at a lower pain job can raise. This therefore indicates how to determine the spirit in many cases how we experience pain.

Spiritual pain

Everyone has in his life have once had to deal with a disappointment, sadness, or what such a spiritual crisis whatsoever, caused pain. During this period it is difficult to think clearly and to see what the function of this this pain is. The only thing we can do at such a moment, is undergoing suffering. This, depending on the type of pain and what you are for personality, for one heavier than the other. After so ?? s period can make people harder and stronger, but mental pain can also be meaningful by working opposite: it can soothe us, more sensitive and make nicer. It would therefore appear all the more the function of pain and also the relationship between mental pain and physical pain. It is a fact that when we feel good, can tolerate more physical, and conversely, too.
For one, it's nice to undergo suffering, but when we have the function of pain better hold up to the light and look at it from another side, we would probably encounter something else to look.


There are many types of pain, both mentally and physically. Here it can be yet again to distinguish between chronic pain and acute pain. Pain is generally perceived as something negative, but as we have been able to read it you can view from a different perspective and it turns out that pain is certainly something positive. No one escapes it hurt in some way also to undergo. We must also accept that it is part of our lives, but we look at pain from a positive side, as described above, then perhaps it might help to alleviate our suffering.