What is stand up paddle or also suppen?

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Stand up paddling called suppen popularly is the new summer trend. This new kind of water has come from Hawaii. Suppen may be briefly described as the standing on a large sail surfboard keeping your moves by means of a paddle. It is relatively easy to learn and has many different variations such as city suppen, yoga suppen sea suppen etc. With all the rivers, canals, ditches, canals, lakes and the coast makes the Netherlands a serious supland.

Suppen, what is it?

Suppen also called stand up paddling is the new trend in the field of water sports. What you need to practice this sport is simple; a big wave surfboard and a paddle. Paddle while standing on your board in a relaxed way across the water. The big difference with just surfing; is that you lie on your stomach with just surfing and paddle with your arms. And with the suppen you stand on the supboard and move yourself forth through a special suppeddel. This gives you paddle with a paddle motion at each side of the board through the water.


Suppen originated in Hawaii. Here use the surf teachers from the sixties sub boards. Because the teachers were high they could simply keep their surfing students watched. In addition, it was possible to commute in using relatively little energy from the waves.


After Hawaii has drawn wider trend in 2005. The trend is going to evolve very quickly after several entertainment celebrities have sought in this new sport. Big names such as Jennifer Anniston, Rihanna and Cameron Diaz have searched suppend on the water for relaxation, or a serious workout. After America, the trend was a few years ago, soon adopted in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a real wetland with all its ditches, canals, rivers, lakes and the coast the perfect supland.

Suppen learn

Suppen learning is not difficult, it is said that you preserve the technique of balance on the board and paddling you have learned within an hour. This contrasts with just surfing where the technique to go from a lying position to a standing position on board as bottleneck is experienced. Several surfing schools is explained in the Netherlands offer the potential to follow sub clinics where the sport you from start to finish.

City suppen

Suppen can be a relaxing pastime. For example, trips are organized called the canals of Amsterdam, also known city suppen. This fun and active way to see the city from the water is very popular among the tourists.

Good workout

Besides relaxing sail this sport is also used as a serious workout. By suppen with the correct posture can be legs, buttocks, back, arms and shoulders workout effective. Big challenging competitions and tours are organized which makes the sport challenging and exciting. For example, every year organized a "Friese Elfstendensuptocht". For those seeking more of a challenge can along the Dutch coast already braving the surf waves.
For people who still want to look more calm even Yoga supsessies organized. This special form of yoga takes place entirely on a floating sup board, where balance becomes even more essential.