What is the best health insurance for students?

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What exactly is the best health insurance for students? What to look for as a student when you sign a health insurance? There are several things that you should definitely keep in mind and where you can watch. But how do you know what for you is the best option? When you study, you naturally want the best insurance that suits you.

What does a health insurance?

Students generally do not have to spend so much money. They are indeed busy studying and need the money they have already paid their dorm. It is therefore not surprising that most students prefer to choose an affordable health insurance. In addition, they will usually not be insured for things they do not need. There are several insurance companies that have affordable insurance for students.

Special health insurance for students

As mentioned, there are special health insurance for students. Almost every health insurer has this special insurance is. These insurances are much cheaper than regular health insurance and often also specially tailored to the needs of a student. To be able to sign up for that ?? s special insurance, you usually have to prove that you actually are a student.

What is the best health insurance for students?

Of course it is up to each individual what is the best health insurance. Yet there compiled a top five in 2012 of best health insurance for students. In this top 5 is made by looking at the basic package, additional insurance, price and whether the insurer pays actual money.
  • Otherwise Care
  • Zekur
  • FBTO
  • TakeCareNow
  • Ohra

Cheapest insurance?

For students who do not want to spend much money, it is also useful to look at the cheapest health insurance for students. In 2012 this was Anders Care. What is the cheapest insurance may otherwise change every year, every year since insurers can adjust their offerings.


Although there are given a number of insurers here, it is wise to always own good look at the capabilities and offerings. Compare different insurers with each other and thereby not only look at the price, but not forgetting to look at the offer. What is actually covered? Have you anything about it? Read the terms always very good! You can always search online for feedback from people who have applied to insurance companies, so you know whether they are satisfied.

Changing health insurance

When you have found a health insurance that better suits you, then it is possible to change insurer. This can not be right in a year, but should always be done before January 1st. So you're always at least one year period to the insurer you choose. Make sure you look carefully about December to an appropriate health insurance and make sure you are on time with the omswitchen insurer. If this is not the case, you're still at least a year to fix.