What is the Trias Politica?

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The separation of powers is considered normal in modern life. What many do not know is that this separation of powers is based on the Trias Politica.

What's Trias Politica?

Trias Politica involves the doctrine of separation of powers. This means that "power" is divided into three different organs. The doctrine of separation of powers is one of the principles of constitutional democracy. By the legislature and the judiciary and the role of government to be divided into three bodies and allow it to carry out checks on each other, preventing one of the organs of power to exploit.

Who has the Trias Politica up?

The Trias Politica is brought to life by the French philosopher C. de Montesquieu. Montesquieu wrote in the book De l'esprit des lois that if the legislative and executive power in a single person there is no freedom anymore. This would mean that there could be arbitrary because the court would also be legislator. In the time of Montesquieu had been kept only one country in the world where political freedom was the goal of the constitution. This country was, according to him England because these aims would be to secure the freedom of the people by applying a system were there was separation of powers.

Who is Montesquieu?

Charles de Montesquieu was born on January 18, 1689 in the village of La Brede. He comes from a family of parliamentarians. Montesquieu would have been a beggar as godfather, according to his birth certificate. In 1714 Montesquieu has become chairman of the parliament of Bordeaux. In 1715 Montesquieu is married to a Protestant woman from a wealthy family, of which he received a large dowry. Then in 1716 he received a nice inheritance from his uncle.
He was then président à mortar of the parliament of Bordeaux and this also inherited the barony of Montesquieu. When in 1715 the policy changed, he became interested in politics and science and wrote some pieces for a scientific academy. After he had given up his parliamentary role, he began traveling through much of Europe. When he returned to France in 1731, he has devoted all his energies on writing and he retreated. On February 10, 1755 is deceased Montesquieu Paris.

What is the purpose of the Trias Politica?

The purpose of the Trias Politica is to prevent abuse of power by the government.