What kind of insurance do you have horses?

Nature HeIsTheStig August 8, 2016 4 0
If you buy a horse you can always get insurance. This should not, but some insurance may be useful. Have you just bought an expensive horse? Then a death insurance come in handy. If your horse someone else hurt or harm such as a car, there is a personal liability ?? ??. You have companies that specialize in insuring horses. The best part is you only look at what insurance is and what you want to quit.

Health Insurance

Medical expenses are covered such as surgery, medicine and veterinarian. You need a health certificate from the vet. If your horse has a deviation you will not take out health insurance.
There are insurance companies that want you also take out insurance death alongside health insurance.
Medical insurance is recommended as medical expenses in horses can add up quickly.

Operation insurance

This is a medical insurance that covers all operations of your horse. Here you are also required to take out a death insurance.

Death insurance

Complete death insurance
A complete death insurance covers all possible deaths in a horse. This may have been due to an accident or illness, as well as the horse is stolen. You have a positive health certificate required by the vet. A horse older than 14 years is more difficult to insure. It is convenient to take out full insurance death if you bought an expensive horse. A horse is always an investment, with lesser expensive horses can also be a death insurance. This depends on your personal choice.
Restricted death insurance
This applies only to accidental death or any other specified cause. A health certificate is not required, since this insurance does not cover illness. This insurance is especially useful if you often carry your horse into a trailer. If your horse dies by accident with the trailer you get the value of your horse back.

Inability Insurance

If your horse is injured or becomes ill and you can no longer drive returns this insurance a pre-agreed amount. This amount is based on the amount of money that you have agreed with the insurance company. With this insurance, you are obliged to take out health insurance.
There is another option that you can take out this insurance. You get the chance to give your horse a shot and so you get back you agreed amount of insurance. This regulation must from the outset of the contract contains. There are owners who are not close this option and decide to keep their horse all can not be driven on it.

Personal liability

If your horse to damage someone else's property or injures a person this insurance covers all costs. Third party insurance is compulsory! Quite often this insurance at the family insurance included or at your own liability insurance. But it is still important to check whether your own insurance or family insurance covers this.