What reimbursement for contraception?

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What reimbursement for contraception?

Contraception prescribed by a doctor or midwife is reimbursed by Medicare to 65%. 3rd and 4th generation pills are not reimbursed.

Provided they are prescribed by a doctor or a midwife, contraception is supported by Medicare. Planning centers called "family planning" deliver free pill to minors and to people without Social Security.

Are reimbursed at 65%:

  • some birth control pills,
  • IUDs,
  • diaphragms,
  • contraceptive implants,
  • intrauterine dispostifs.

Cheapest IUDs cost thirty euros. The contraceptive implant, whose effectiveness extends over 3 years, cost about € 140.

Warning ! Some pill brands are not supported by Medicare: If tight budget, better check with his doctor. Thus, the pills "3rd and 4th generation" are not reimbursed since March 2013.

Any contraception requires medical monitoring. Consultation of gynecologist, direct access practitioner, is supported by Medicare. For more information: www.planning-familial.org

The repayment of the morning after pill

Hormonal emergency contraception, known as the "morning after pill", is a method used after a non- or poorly protected sex. It must be taken as soon as possible, within a maximum of 3-5 days following the report.

This emergency contraception is available in pharmacies without a prescription. It is not refunded for major women unless an order was issued.

If you are a minor

Some birth control pills, IUDs, diaphragms, contraceptive implants, intrauterine dispostifs are reimbursed at 100% for minors at least 15 years.

Note: Minor insured for 15-18 years get a waiver of upfront fee on the portion reimbursed by Medicare. The doctor or midwife prescribing a contraceptive or laboratory examinations of contraception must ensure that this exemption.

The pill free day for minor

The morning after pill is free and anonymously delivered to minors.