What's the point of a night cream?

Health theveryend August 8, 2016 0 2
Many advertisements shout to us that we should use a night cream when we want to preserve our beautiful skin. However, this really necessary? And how such a night cream works exactly? Everything about skin care with a night cream. A night cream, why would you need one now? Millions of years ago, people had still a good skin without all kinds of spreads? Apparent bedriegd! Among other things, the ancient Egyptians made all sorts of herbal and plant blends which they put on their skin aanbrachten because of the so-called healing effect of this. Again lubricate hundreds of thousands of people every day a cream on their skin. Skin care is an important aspect of skin care and skin rejuvenation.

How does a night cream?

There are three types of night creams to distinguish. Regenerating creams accelerate cell production, restorative creams tackle the effects of harmful factors such as UV radiation and anti-wrinkle creams make the skin smooth. The main purpose of a night cream is the hydration of the skin. The night cream protects the resilience of the skin tissue by supporting the production of elastin and collagen. Our skin cells regenerate at night and just at that moment night creams to support innovation. A night cream, it also brings an anti-wrinkle effect.
A night cream should only be applied after you've cleaned your skin thoroughly and was stripped of makeup. Then apply a night cream in a circular motion on your skin, slightly depressing. Forget not the neck!

What kinds of night cream are there?

So many skin types, so many creams. What for one skin is an excellent cream for the other skin not helpful at all and sometimes causes only just a shiny face. What cream to use for which skin type? It is important that one uses a night cream, the skin to help recover from the harmful factors where it is exposed to during the day.
Normal skin
The normal skin has a soft, silky texture and is not particularly greasy or dry. Also, this skin type needs a suitable nachtrème. People get with normal skin generally faster than other symptoms of aging and wrinkling when they neglect their skin. A cream specially formulated for normal skin provides the best results.
Fat skin
Oily skin has overactive sebaceous glands. This sebum is secreted and gives the skin a greasy shine. The pores are enlarged and visible. There is a high probability of pimples, blackheads and acne present. The sebaceous glands of oily skin need to be calmed by a special night cream that also the skin a matte effect.
Dry skin
The dry skin is both fat and moisture deficit. The skin has a fine texture and is somewhat transparent and blotchy. The skin is easily damaged. Excessive washing with soap and sun are factors that can make the skin even drier, alongside other damaging factors. A night cream for dry skin provides the skin with extra fatty acids which make the skin soft and supple.

Do we really need a night cream?

It is just the question of whether indeed prevent wrinkles will be, or will be reduced by the use of a night cream, whether it is a wrinkle treatment. But in any case, the skin benefit from the cleaning of the skin and then massaging of a cream, as this allows the skin smoother and gevoeder. In addition, the care of the skin a relaxing activity, helps reduce stress, and stress is a major damaging factor for the appearance of wrinkles.

Cheap or expensive product?

Basically have cheap and expensive night creams same ingredients and they do not differ very much in effect. The more expensive night creams, however, often have a greater concentration of a cooperative fabric and can therefore work better. It is anyway advisable to regularly change your night cream, especially in anti-wrinkle night cream, because the skin can become accustomed to a certain cream making the active operation thereof decreased.