What supplements do I entitled to?

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You under certain conditions entitled to certain allowances via the tax authorities. These include, depending on the level of your income. This article contains further information about any payments of the tax authorities. To the tax we must pay taxes, but they also pay out bonuses to taxpayers who are entitled to this. If you are entitled to an allowance you get paid this month. Beneficiaries who have not applied for getting it nonetheless granted it at the annual declaration. Taxpayers who have not automatically received a return request, must take action. They may in this case, download a program declaration on the website of the Tax Administration. The amounts mentioned in this article are indicative amounts. The exact amount may vary.

Care allowance

As of January 1, 2006 we have the new health insurance in the Netherlands. This has replaced the expensive private health insurance and health insurance. The new health insurance applies to all Dutch, also for lower incomes. Because health insurance was much cheaper than the new health care allowance the government has created. The care allowance must absorb the difference in premiums for lower-income to a large extent. The conditions for this allowance are:
  • The taxpayer must have a Dutch health insurance
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • For a taxpayer without a tax partner's income amounts up to about 33 000 ??
  • For taxpayers with a tax partner, the aggregate income up to about 48 000 ??

Rent allowance

This fee can be requested if the rent is too high compared to your income.
The amount of the fee and whether you are eligible for the supplement depends on many different factors. The conditions are aimed at:
  • The house: Must have a minimum of a private entrance, kitchen and toilet
  • Monthly Rent: The rent should not exceed about 650 ??
  • Age: The renter must be at least 18 years
  • Income: The combined household income is at most about 29 000 ??
  • The power: Depending on your age and income, there is a limit to power.

Child budget

As of 2009, the child allowance is replaced by the personal budgets. This can be seen as a contribution to the costs for the children. This amount is paid in addition to the child. The amount of the budget depends on:
  • The income
  • The number of underage children

Childcare Supplement

This is a contribution towards the cost of childcare. This covers the cost of collecting the children in part, in the period that the taxpayers work or training. The allowance partner also has to carry out in the period of care work or training. Under certain conditions it is also possible to get child care benefits to increase employment opportunities. It is a requirement that the children are cared for by a registered childcare organization.

Maximum childcare allowance?

The hourly rates for the reception can vary from childcare organization. The charge is related to a maximum hourly rate of ?? 6.10. Most child care centers keep this amount also up.