What to do during a long flight in the plane?

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Flying can be very fun, but also very long and tiring. Especially travel to the West and Far East are trips where you sometimes more than eight hours in an airplane. How do you get that time? What can you do on board a plane? How to get fresh and without jet lag from a plane? Here is an article with various tips. How can you make a long flight comfortable and fun? Here is an article with some tips!
  • Ipad
  • Animation on board the aircraft
  • Puzzling
  • Read
  • Sleep
  • Contact your 'neighbors'
  • Tips for tall people
  • Jetlag occur during flight
  • Afraid to fly?


A known technical highlight is the iPad or tablet. If you're already planning to buy his own, then a long flight is the excuse to buy one of them. On an iPad you yourself put movies and shows to watch on the plane, but provide sufficient memory! You can also set up a lot of apps and games you can download books to read. A very useful gadget, also at the place of destination. In addition to the iPad are also other tablets in attendance and very good use! Be sure to take a brand new iPad with the receipt as proof that you bought it in the Netherlands, otherwise you get problems with customs.

Animation on board the aircraft

A number of aircraft deployed for long distances has animation equipment with which you can watch movies, can hear music and games can do. There are usually view several movies and many movies take longer than an hour. A perfect bridge for a long flight! Find films that appeal to you enough, usually you can cover a number of hours watching movies. A tip is to not see your favorite movies in a row, but watch a movie, do something else for an hour and then watch the next film.


The puzzle of a book is a fun pastime and usually it's fun to do anything in between. On a tablet you can with the computer, but from a book is still fun. There are smaller books available in bookstores. For the letter freaking out there are the Swedish puzzles and crossword puzzles and the figure freaks there are the Sudokus. Take a booklet with puzzles that are a bit trickier. So you have many challenges during the flight and you can head there once a lot over break!


For a flight, you can take books out of paper or book through an e-reader. Books are available in various sizes, from the standard large size to small pocketbooks. If you have to cut down on weight then a book via the tablet or e-reader a solution. Wen does there first before you spend hours a row, read from the e-reader. A paper book can be easier on your eyes. Think of departure so carefully about the pros and cons and what you will not participate or do fly in. Hours to read one piece does not make you very fresh. Get plenty of variety by taking breaks in between to go to the toilet, watch a movie and do a puzzle.


Sleep on the plane, not everyone can. There are some tips to close as your eyes do and take rest. For the sound, you can use earplugs, unfortunately that does not take all the sounds of the airplane away, but reduce a large proportion. Pay close attention to the support of your neck, if you are long in the wrong sleeping position you can be very stiff. Can not sleep? It is also convenient to just do your eyes for a moment and just put your mind to zero. It may be that after a longer period yet even fall asleep.

Contact your 'neighbors'

If you are traveling alone it's nice to connect with your potential neighbors on the plane. Who are they, where do they go, where do they come from? So you can get back to bridge some time. Do not be afraid, most people, especially if they travel alone, the contact'll find fun. In advance you have to estimate whether anyone appreciates.

Tips for tall people

Tall people over 1.80m I absolutely recommend to buy extra legroom. For you at ?? 50, KLM include a seating area with a lot more space than the standard seat. This indicates that you can sit and you are not completely rigid coming off the plane. You can stretch your legs and is not folded into the plane. Not all companies offer this and so it is useful to inform in advance if you can. Can not it? Ask at the check if it's possible that you get a place with extra legroom.

Jetlag occur during flight

How to get well on fresh destination to? It always takes some getting used to sit in different time zones. A new rhythm requires a lot of your body. Do not try too much to give in to your body and get used immediately to the new rhythm. Jet lag can be reduced by drinking a lot of water during the trip. The disadvantage is that you often have to go to the toilet, but it can certainly work. Eat too well during the flight and do a lot of varied things. That can keep your body on alert and keep your head well on track.

Afraid to fly?

Do you have much fear of flying then a visit to the family doctor recommended. Perhaps you know all the facts about that flying is absolutely not dangerous, but between the ears will not always countries. Do not be put off by fear of flying! That would be a sin, the world is really beautiful! Your doctor or pharmacist can advise you what to get into calmer plane. On the plane itself, it is useful to give it to a flight attendant. Ask them to come to you when something is going on and whether they want to tell it what it is. They can usually reassure and provide good flight.
We wish you a pleasant flight and a nice holiday!