What to do with Ascension in 2011 in Friesland

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On Ascension Day, June 2, 2011, many people would still like to do something fun. But what is there to do on the Thursday of Ascension Day in 2011? Here are some activities of Ascension in 2011 in a row.

Heechspanning in Heeg

In Friesland Heeg state Ascension 2011 each year in the sign of culture and art. So is there staged throughout the village street, and there is live music everywhere. The recreation place in her heart always receives thousands of visitors on that day. A selection from the range:
  • ?? Stone-Age ?? by Theatre Anatana. They bring standbeeld- and theater sets.
  • ?? Toi et Moi ?? is a movement theater Cie FK from Belgium. Dreamy theater.
  • Meatball and Van de Camp, bringing circus actes, but on the street and their theme is the dustman. Thus thrown with garbage.
  • DVM SPIRO of Theatergroep diSiclama. Women from ancient times go together in this piece attacked with sticks, swords and shields, but meanwhile they are accompanied by rhythmic percussion.
  • ?? The jackets ?? Duo Musa. Acrobatics in the air by Dutch and Kenyans. From an installation of eight meters.
  • Furthermore, the Dutch Canadian Martin Forget three comical animations to the festival.
  • Dance is further Dansgroep Dance Addicted and the dancers Center for the Arts and Ritmyk.
  • Music on Heechspanning:
  • The music on offer Heechspanning is very diverse. For example, there are:
  • The Suskes fun group.
  • Singer / songwriter performs live with solo guitarist Roel Blommers
  • African drum music
  • Friese blues singer / guitarist Jaap Louwes with guitarist Nathaniel Veenen.
  • Gre Pearl.
  • Zydeco and swampy rhythm ?? n ?? The blues of Louisiana Men
  • String ?? ?? comes with own songs and covers of Springsteen and Dylan.

Princessedag in Leeuwarden

In the prior Prinsentuin in Leeuwarden found at Heaven Vaarts day Princessedag place. On this day, children from 4 to 12 years v dressed as a prince or princess to come to the Prinsentuin. Because the theme of happiness in China's children should also come as Chinese dignitaries. Also, the prince and princess of Friesland is chosen by a jury. The princessedag starts at 13.30. Can participate by giving to the Princessehof at tel. 058-2948958.
More information can be found at www.princessehof.nl.

Celestial festival in Leeuwarden

At Oldehoofsterkerkhof in Leeuwarden found at Heaven Vaart day a large accessible dance event organized by the name HEMELS. ?? N 1200 so people can dance along this heavenly feast. DJ ?? s include:
  • Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano,
  • Mental Theo
  • Vato Gonzalez.
  • Jaz von D
  • Steff da Campo
  • Martin Harder
Doors will open at 15:00, the party itself starts at 16:00

Spring Fair Oldeberkoop

On Hemelsvaartsdag, but also the days after Oldeberkoop find a fair place for years. So ?? n 80 providers were letting them see what they have on offer. There is also a gallery of arts and children can participate in fun activities.
Thursday, June 2, 2011: 10:00 to 18:00 hrs

Place flowers in Leeuwarden

Every year on Ascension Day in Leeuwarden a flower market place where every gardener can indulge themselves. Rows and kilometers are the most diverse plants and flowers offered for great prizes. The flower market takes place in the Lange Marktstraat - Tesselschadestraat Leeuwarden.
The market starts at 10:00 and lasts until 18:00. No entrance fee is levied.

Lemmer Ahoy

From 2 to June 4, the Lemmer Ahoy sailing competitions held in Lemmer. This happens in the Lemster Bay and on the IJsselmeer. There will be admired more than 50 ships from the beach Lemster consisting of round and flat bottoms as fireplaces and Lemsteraken. Also, all SKS and many IFKS skûtsjes will participate in the competitions. Furthermore, there is fair in the village and the palaver is the place to be in the morning at The British Pub in the center of Lemmer. Obviously, the whole village has a great atmosphere with all those skippers who populate the pubs at night and during the day all the fans who have seen the ships sail.

Slightly earlier: Frieze street festival

A few days before Ascension conquer the whole theater makers and musicians throughout the center of Leeuwarden. They do this on 27 to 29 May in the historic town of Leeuwarden. During these three days are given over 300 performances.