What to do with epilepsy

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About 1 in 150 people in the Netherlands has a form of epilepsy. Read about two types of seizures.

What to do about epilepsy

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If someone has a seizure, something goes wrong in the brains. The cells enter the brains at a rapid pace all kinds of information to each other and all at once. Thus, it becomes a big chaos in the head. That chaos may occur in the brains where the cells are moving. The attack can also feel someone coming, this person can notice that he / she has that weird movement makes like head scratching, or arm shocks.
The attack does not necessarily have to come in strange movements, but it could also be that someone is staring off into space. At that time, the person who gets the attack did not approachable. There is also a form that makes a mess of all the cells in the brains during an attack. Someone is then a one-touch unconscious on the floor and is going to move the entire body. There may be at that moment foam from the mouth. After a seizure often you can not remember what happened.

Types of epilepsy form

There are many kinds of forms of epilepsy. Below are described two forms:
Tonic clonic seizure
This form of epilepsy is most common in children. This form disappears when the child goes from puberty. You can recognize it by your child if he / she sometimes suddenly can stare without that you can have contact with. It then suddenly stops all activities in which he was doing. In this attack can make the shocking arm or head movements. After a child has had a seizure it often just comes up where it was doing. Often they do not know they have had a seizure.
In this form of epilepsy someone falls down unconscious on the ground with as a follow-stiffening and jerking movements with the whole body. This will take about 1 to 2 minutes. During an attack, some people lose control of their bladder. Before people have an attack, they often get a signal. This may include a strange smell, or change in vision. Thus, hereinafter, there are many types of signals. When everyone is different. These signals can someone get about an hour before the attack.


When you think of someone that the person might have epilepsy, you can test it in the hospital. It is made then an EEG scan. Before the scan is done, the doctor will measure your head and put dots on your head where it should be measured. Then, electrodes are connected to the patient. The skin where the pads is first cleaned and then they are stuck in place using a special adhesive. Then there is the brains via the electrodes measured in the head.
If you would like an appointment will make the hospital to get an EEG scan, first go to your GP. This can make a referral note for the hospital.