What type of man to make you happy?

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Many women are looking for true love in their lives. The perfect man and the perfect partner. Every woman set certain requirements for her lover, this leads to different types of men. These are recognized by different properties that they have. But you can find your ideal type of man through your sign.

27 types of men

Socialite Loog Stephen Whitehead distinguishes 27 different types of men. He writes a book about it to show women that not all men are the same. That not only are good and bad men, but many different kinds. The types be caused by means of behavior, character, and rulings by different men.
Below is a list of 27 types of men:


Your sign can tell a lot about love and the type of man you fall for. This is determined by the position of the Sun and of Mars. For every constellation there is a certain type of man. Obviously this standard ?? ?? and descriptions may differ from yours entirely personal choice.
Female Scorpio is looking for in a man:
If you fall on the mysterious Scorpio type of guy who has a magnetic appeal. Because you yourself are quite possessive and have a strong will, you find that in your partner. So you get the feeling that he cares about you. Do you want control over your relationship, and that leaves you notice your sexual seduction. A psychological power game do not you go out of the way. You are the ultimate temptress, and because you fall mysteriously powerful men they can be dangerous and a tad.
Female Virgo is looking for in a man:
As a virgin you fall on a man who is intelligent, well-mannered, well dressed, practical and reliable. But the important thing is that it is neat and clean. Appearance is an important feature, and especially the man's care. Clean nails and polished shoes are an important factor. But it could also be that you are just a man who is not too perfect, as you can out of life there. You do not like slapstick, but rather an intelligent conversation. You are a man who behaves well in company, but only the two of us he can let go completely.
Female Aries is looking for in a man:
If Aries fall on an adventurous man, which is a bit cheeky and has enough guts. You feel attracted to macho types, men in uniform and dangerous men. Competition keeps your relationship fun, your type of man must make every effort to get you. You fall for winners and men to go all out. You are a survivor, a fighter who is tough enough to deal with you through life. You are looking for a type of guy, which you can say, "You Tarzan, me Jane"
Female Aquarius is looking for in a man:
If waterman you are looking for an intelligent and interesting man. He must be full of ideas and insights that make your impression. Idealists and men who are unpredictable and eccentric, you'll find amazing. Even if your environment does not agree. Men fighting for a good cause have your attention. Your relationship should be exciting, that's why you do not like boring and ordinary men. Your husband should be open to new and distinct. Rebellious types can you be totally wild.
Female Taurus is looking for in a man:
As a bull trap you on men with a strong will. He's a real strong man, with sensual and stable characteristics. He must stand with both feet on the ground, so that as your strong man can dominate. You are looking for a man who loves to cook and cuddle, so he can take care of you well. You are very sensual and therefore want a man who is patient and knows how to love your your properly.
Gemini Female looking for in a man:
If twins are you looking for a man who is smart, a talker and is versatile. A good conversation is important for your relationship. You want to share feelings and thoughts with him, if he responds well to being your self romantic. You like to flirt playfully with your partner. The interesting thing about a man stands in front of you over appearance.
Female Cancer is looking for in a man:
If lobster looking for a man who is protective and you feel safe. He must be sensitive but also provide a financial guarantee. So that together you can build a home and family. Emotion and sensitivity go for looks. You are looking for a father figure, which may well take care of your future children. He must love socializing, children and cooking.
Female lion looking for in a man:
If you fall lion men who radiate heat. His positive emotions and feelings he shows in a physical way. The one for you is rich, famous and handsome. The leading figure attracts you enormously. He must admire and compliment you. Also you feel attracted to creative men such as actors, artists or musicians. Self-confidence and a touch of arrogance you find positive attributes. You want him treated like a princess.
Female Libra is looking for in a man:
As a Libra, you are looking for a man who is polite, charming, well dressed, handsome and romantic. You will be both mental and verbal properties as attracted looks. A good talker or a creative type your attention. Also by macho types you can be conquered. You keep a relationship with variety.
Female Sagittarius is looking for in a man:
If you archer want a man who is honest, he finds honesty is most important and want your love to learn. A cultural man or a man of another religion pull up. Your relationship draws its strength from friendship and fun. With the two adventures, sports or have discussions. If you have long been friends with are a man, you can go there in the course of time to fall in love. Also, sense of humor is of great importance.
Female Capricorn is looking for in a man:
If ibex looking for a man who is ambitious, serious and socially. Also, money, power and status are factors that play a role. He must come from a good family and offer financial security. This has more life than looks and romance. You want a serious relationship and wait patiently until the right man comes your way.
Female Fish is looking for in a man:
If fish you want a romantic and sensitive type of guy. A dreamer who artistically, musically or spiritually is pulling up. You will be happy for the man of your dreams. Also you fall on men who are open to a mysterious affair. You play like the lifesaver to fall for sad stories. Be careful that you are not too sympathetic, so that the man there can abuse.