When good fats help to gain 15 years of life

Nutrition DrSentry December 8, 2016 0 82
When good fats help to gain 15 years of life

The fatty acids found in vegetable oils and fish play in certain risk of death from cardiovascular disease in the elderly.

After 60 years, consume good fats found in fish and vegetables help to live longer, according to a new Swedish study.

Uppsala University researchers tested levels of different fats in nearly 2200 women and 2000 Swedish men over 60 years. Within fifteen successive years, 265 men and 191 women died, while 294 men and 190 women suffered a cardiovascular problem.

By analyzing the blood data of the participants, the scientists found that the highest levels of fatty acids, found in vegetable oils, are associated with a 27% reduction in risk of death in men. While the fatty acids present in fish such as salmon and trout are associated with decreased mortality from 20% in both men and women.

Some limits, but an effective message

According to results released by the US medical journal Circulation, the good fats help to win 15 years of life on average. Only problem: researchers are aware of the limitations of this study because the blood test to determine fat levels was performed only once. And the limited number of deaths related to cardiovascular disease prevents definitive conclusions on the impact of fats, especially when looking at the data separately for men and women.

But the message is simple: eat more vegetables and fish and less animal fat can only do good!