When misery of another avert your head

Miscellaneous Kandos August 8, 2016 0 1
The world is full of horrors, where a man does not know how to cope. How can a mere mortal respond to hunger and violence that occurs outside the family and acquaintances. To function normally can / will often not help but look the other way, though that is contrary to your social sense and conscience.

Turn a blind eye to something bad

Since the creation of mankind are consistently large numbers of people in deplorable conditions. War, violence, arson, looting, beatings, starvation are gross violations of the Universal Human Rights. But closer to home, we know violence, disease, poverty, disability, child neglect, and who also do not lie. And thus the rows are still far from complete. A man sits oddly in each other, we know and realize all this misery that finds nearby and distant place, and yet we are able to continue our normal lives and even have fun. How on earth we may well stand in the gap for our neighbors but to undergo horrors that others turn away the head.

A bus with dying shipmates

Imagine that you are going on vacation in a coach. You sit up front, but the back of the bus there are a number of passengers in bad shape. They suffer i.v.m. severe pain and illness will die during the journey. What about your own holiday feeling. Probably your requirement for the driver that a doctor asap late and your state money and warm clothes off limits for the sick passengers to alleviate their suffering. The realization that suffering makes people so close that you have lost interest in vacation until these people have been helped.
Oddly enough goes who needs to step into the breach not for the life coach in which we on this earth with z ?? n all away. For though we know that rear passengers traveling much suffering we draw their lot much less than in the example of the physical bus. Because we can not see the back row and can not hear the groaning? We can enjoy through the window to look outside and pretend we do not know what misery it takes the back seat.

All calamity in the world

You can not possibly attract all the misery in the world because you might hinder your performance. Attracting some of the misery we often do. Everyone who works and pays tax helps to alleviate the misery on the globe. Namely our government sends troops to areas of war, we do development assistance, disaster relief, etc. And close to home we know doctor and orderly to meet the immediate needs. And if you are you will occasionally hospital paint painter, so that the doctors can continue their work. In short, we sometimes do something, but whether it is sufficient to satisfy our conscience remains a question.


Part of your money and / or leisure stabbing in charities is a way to keep your peace of mind in the hand. You can give an additional contribution to the fight against the misery on this planet, by regularly depositing money for charity as:
  • Doctors Without Borders,
  • The Red Cross,
  • Amnesty International,
  • Liliane Fonds,
  • Refugee.
to name but a few examples. Whether you are a volunteer for such an organization, transporting sick people, or language lessons to returnees.
It is all, of course, a pittance compared to what you would do if it was going to be a dear neighbor.