Where are you going today? - Music in NS commercials

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With the theme ?? Where are you going today ??? from mid-2014 four commercials for the Dutch Railways on the television to see. In the commercials in which the traveler is centered pointed to the existence of different forms of subscription. Any commercial tells its own story from beginning to end and is supported by a song that suits the film. After several commercials with the duo Nick and Simon starring NS mid 2014 launches a new series. Using the independent advertising agency N = 5, the Dutch Railways are shown with four new commercials in which the beauties of traveling by train.
The overarching theme of the series is ?? Where are you going today ???. The commercials have titles Pianoman ?? ??, ?? The first day ??, ?? the roller ?? Little boy ?? and ??, they are supported by the music of Billy Joel, Bright Eyes, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan.

Piano Man ?? Billy Joel

Billy Joel appears in 1973 the song Piano Man. The pianist in this issue is the musician ?? evening in a bar to entertain the regular guests. He let the people sing along and forget their everyday worries.
In June 2014 shows the first train commercial with the theme ?? Where are you going today ??? A young man leaves his home, does his earplugs in, cycle to a station somewhere in West Friesland, and he takes in Haarlem train to Rotterdam. Once he arrived in Rotterdam will clearly boost the train to London where he later takes a taxi to Ricky ?? s Piano Bar. In this bar a pianist playing the song Piano Man.
This commercial will give you the feeling that you have to pick every now and then the day and can go on a trip to any destination. Striking detail: the advertising shows that delays are not unusual; the train to Rotterdam from 10:29 hours five minutes late.

First day of my life ?? Bright Eyes

?? The American alternative rock band ?? Bright Eyes is composed of the permanent members Conor Oberst and Mike Mogus. Mid-nineties, the first work of the group will appear, but they have the most success with the album released in 2005 I ?? m wide awake, it ?? s morning. One of the songs on this First day of my life that, except in a commercial for the NS, is also used in two feature films and in an episode of the American comedy series Chuck.
In the commercial that must promote the existence of the NS Business Card and how First day of my life is used, we see a single father with two young children. From standing there is all kinds of problems: in the bathroom, in the kitchen, on the road by bicycle. If he has children dropped off at school and then go to work he gets to The Hague HS in a crowded train compartment. Opposite a young woman is still room but when he gets there he throws to cap his coffee cup to. The contact between the two is made and at the end we see that the woman wegfietst and even waving to the man.

Take this Waltz ?? Leonard Cohen

Take this Waltz is a song by Canadian singer and composer Leonard Cohen. Originally it stands on Poets in New York, an album of songs by several artists that are dedicated to the Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca.
In a different version with violin and vocals of Jennifer Warnes will it show up on Cohen's album ?? I ?? m your man in 1988. The text of Take This Waltz is a free translation into English by one of Lorca Cohen ?? s poems.
The commercial that in the autumn of 2014 to see the first time in the context of NS International has the subtitle ?? ?? The most beautiful European destinations.
The train journey from an elderly lady goes to Vienna, where she has an emotional reunion with an old friend. In her hand luggage she has a book that looks into them during the trip. Front of the book are some rules signed with Dein Christoph ?? ??. Once in Vienna it is targeted to a bookshop where they entry Christoph immediately recognize. Fortunately for the woman he recognizes her as well, then they embrace each other and create a dance.

I want you ?? Bob Dylan

In June 1966 Bob Dylan appears the song I want you as a forerunner of his album Blonde on Blonde. The song has since been recorded more than thirty times by other artists, including a Dutch translation of Herman's Hermits on his second album in 1969.
In the NS commercial ?? Boy ?? I want you use. We see a boy who is obsessed with trains. During dinner, he looks at his watch and walks away from the table to precisely time the train passed by his house coming. His parents have a car and he has never been on a train. To be able to travel again by train, he hid the car keys from his mother. This puts it back again only in her bag as he sits with a satisfied look next to her on the train.
NS makes this commercial to alert young parents on Kids Free to children from four to eleven years on their own smart card can travel free with them, under the motto ?? By train a whole new world opens up to them ??.