Whether or not a quarrel in bed?

Health hejpadej August 8, 2016 0 0
The inventor of the bed would turn himself in z ?? s tomb. The bed is to sleep, to cuddle or have sex in. Yet it happened more often argue that more is made in bed. On average, we have more than 150 times a year arguing in bed. The most common reasons are sharing the blankets, loud snoring and have no desire to make love. What are all these major annoyances in bed?

Quarrel by snoring in bed

Snoring Partner is the number one cause of quarrels in bed. At least half of the people who are fighting in bed, this is the cause. Stuffy nose and respiratory problems are usually transgressed. Try to sleep more on your side instead of your stomach. This prevents you airways become blocked and you can breathe more easily, causing the snoring is reduced.

Quarrel by cold feet

It occurs! Your partner has cold feet and want to rub warm your body. That is not so fine. Kind of feel like you put ice on your hot body. A quarrel was born that way!

Arguing for different bedtimes

At other times you go to bed partner may cause irritation. You make the other person awake while your partner was sleeping delicious. At one point the irritation can turn into a fight. Even couples who work different services suffer more from here.

Arguing for the blankets

You lie back in your bed without blankets! In the middle of the night you will see that you already rolled up blankets to sit around your partner. You pull the covers back to you, but also a bad partner. This partner was unsuspectingly into a wonderful dream and suddenly falls back into reality.

Arguing that children lie in your bed

It is very tempting to take your children with you in bed if they can not sleep well. Yet it is not wise, it ruining your sleep and only chance of sex. Try your child very rarely in letting you sleep and do not make a habit of this. If children have once approval to sleep with you than your child is no longer so easily back. Quarrels can therefore arise.

Quarrel with no interest in sex

Stay well talk about your needs. It can be annoying if one of you has more sexual drive than the other. This can lead to irritation. You feel rejected, although this often is not the intention.

Too hot in bed cause of quarrel

One finds too cold and the other warm weather too. You can start walking and doing irritating the heating will turn on, but that can lead to an angry and sweaty partner. Put some extra clothes, so you can satisfy your partner and thus can prevent a fight.