Which hedge trimmer for any job?

House & Garden drewsen August 8, 2016 0 1
A hedge trimmer is indispensable in a large garden, especially if you like gardening itself. It's nice to have a nice to walk in the garden, you have to know what you can use when it comes to the hedge trimmer, what kind do you choose and what are the advantages and disadvantages? A hedge trimmer will ensure that you hedge again in beautiful condition. It is important to prune the hedge at the right time. But when is the right time and when you should not do it right? This article focuses on the hedge trimmer and opportunities.

General usage

An indispensable tool if you are in possession of a garden. Many have their garden surrounded by a hedge, shrubs and other green plants. This green crops growing but if you do not bridle. There will also be less attractive excesses emerge. It is essential to most plants for them to not be allowed to grow wild.
A hedge or hedge you have to cut a few times a year. In the months of May / June and again in September. This is a guideline, follow the instructions for your specific hedge / fence on. The better you maintain a hedge or hedge with cut more beautiful and closer this. Old and ugly branches that pruning you out with secateurs. The hedge trimmer use only to trim the hedge or hedge in a proper shape, making thinner and make the hedge at height. Go with a hedge trimmer no pruning bushes, then there namely a blunt hedge trimmer over. For lovers of boxwood, a special boxwood hedge trimmer, of course, can you safely cut boxwood bushes along. This hedge trimmer makes it easy to cut boxwood in many forms. Or just cut right off if you do not like a scoop, an animal shape or something. A hedge trimmer consists in a hand trimmer, electric hedge trimmer and hedge trimmer battery.

The hand trimmer

If you want to work very relaxing in the garden, including the hedge cut the hand trimmer is the most suitable. You grab him if you want to start, ready to use, require no power, no battery to be charged, you can immediately start. Even when animals or children near these hedge trimmer does not compromise. You can also get it in all places, you're not dependent on an electrical outlet. The downside is that you physically do what sails must continue, especially in a long hedge. Clean the trimmer after use clean, that's just simply the ordinary hedge trimmer. To the hedge trimmer as well as possible work he must be sharp. The twigs and the leaves should be cut and not deducted. So use a well-sharpened scissors.

The hedge trimmer battery

The hedge trimmer battery is a godsend if you're struggling with the cutting motion at a regular manual hedge trimmer. Also with a long, tall hedge is a lot easier to use a hedge trimmer battery, it takes less effort and less time. A disadvantage is the fact that it still needs to be recharged. Do you suddenly want to hedge to cut, then you have to wait a long time before he is charged. Furthermore, it is a great tool that makes your job easier. It is also safe to use with children and animals in the area, because you do not have a cable or cord.
Of course scissors always sharp and caution is certainly always be taken with children and animals. The hedge trimmer battery should be cleaned after use and, of course, be on time cut for a good result of the hedge or hedge.

The electric hedge trimmer

A beautiful garden tools, a good tool, which saves time. Note, however, the danger of the cord or cable that moves along with you ?? ??. Take care that the cable or cord is safely over your shoulder, so you do not accidentally cut the cable. Also, do not stand on a shaky ladder with an electric hedge trimmer to cut at a certain height. When you observe all safety precautions is a tool that a lot of work in a short time for your resistance. One drawback is that you have to have flow in the vicinity of the terminal. Do you work safely with the hedge trimmer, you can save time afterwards delicious admire your work from a comfortable chair.


If the hedge is not too large, use the hand trimmer. No hassle with cable or cord, safely. You do so also better view of the hedge, in which any bird nests located, where you can cut around it. A hand trimmer is less dense and is ready for use. An electric hedge trimmer rages on. This is very useful when you have to cut a lot of hedges. You win a lot of time and it takes you less effort, exercise.
Do not buy just any electrical device, but do inquire. Also with this piece of equipment safety is again very important.