Whiplash and the medical examiner WAO

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The medical examiner or insurance physician is one of the most feared doctors in the world of whiplash. They are namely, after the company, those who can make your statement about your symptoms and work ability. The medical examiner usually occurs only at a later stage in the picture, when the company very little more you can do. The medical examiner determines on the basis of a medical examination if you are entitled to a disability benefit or WIA benefit or not.

What is whiplash?

People who have suffered a whiplash, anywhere, all exhibit the same contract: the head and neck have compared the hull and each made a strong lurch. The whiplash is called by doctors officially a cervical acceleration-deceleration injury. Whiplash can be caused by a rear-end collision with the car, but also side-on collisions and accidents during for instance the sport may be potential causes. The classic definition of whiplash injury states that it should only be called a whiplash when the neck has not been collides against something, in order to be able to make, inter alia, a clear distinction with a concussion.

Post whiplash syndrome

Inspection Doctors seem to prefer the term "post whiplash syndrome". Medically, it is difficult to establish a whiplash objectively. The corresponding typical personality traits, however, are easier to identify. According to many medical examiners concern whiplash patients often hardworking women with active problem-solving strategy. However, this change after a whiplash in more withdrawn and passive problem solvers. Whiplash is often compared with one in some respects other related condition called ME. This is also a condition with no objective medical evidence. And this condition is common in hard-inspiring women who can not match their previous performance by their condition.
On average, a medical examiner met approximately 10% of patients with whiplash symptoms. Doctors test indicate that they find it less convenient to approve someone with such complaints, because these people often mandatory brighter appear to be, as a defense against the skepticism with which they are often approached from all sides. Also, examiners are no exception here.

What does the medical examiner?

The medical examiner determines whether someone claims a WAO benefit. The examining doctor sees a patient, therefore only in the last place, usually at the end of a failed reintegration program. Currently There are no clear guidelines to enable the medical examiner are to judge. Usually, therefore, examined the extent to which the story of the patient is logical and consistent, whether there are demonstrable medical injury is what it suppose corpse makes the work do exacerbate the condition, and that the probability that they recover from the whiplash is increased when does not operate.