Who is the mole? 2015 Episode 4: Power

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On January 22, 2015 will be the fourth installment of Wie is de Mol? Aired in 2015. In the previous episode nobody had to go home, because the candidates were able to save each other from each other to allow an exemption. Only Carolina was granted no exemption, but fortunately they got a green screen, so they could stay in the game. The candidates are at the beginning of episode four is still in the town of Galle in Sri Lanka. In the neighborhood are many reminders of the days of the Dutch East India Company, which the Netherlands had the power in this area. The first assignment is all about the character of this.

Assignment 1: Holiday Snapshots

The candidates have not initially realize she enumerates the seven spots that Art should remember. But soon Art makes known this. There should be seven portraits made at the places that recall the VOC time with someone of the candidates on it. A photo that is good makes this ?? 250 euros for the pot. What the candidates do not have to know is that a card at each place where rises depends who should be on the photo at the building.
Rik and Ajouad read a card at the building Viktor is the first places all over again trying to mention. He can still remember a lot of Art. Chris, Margriet and Martine are soon on the road and see a word VOC occupy a building. They decide just to take a picture. Who knows, it is still useful. Then they go in search of The Dutch Mansion. As soon as they find the place. Chris discovers that the card is a question. The solution of this question ensures that the candidates know who should be on the photo for The Dutch Mansion. Demand at The Mansion is Dutch who have nicknames kukelpapa, sprout and mouse. Chris immediately says he is kukelpapa and Marguerite says she's soon sprout. Through the radio they ask mouse. It takes a long time Rik says he's mouse.
All lovers of New York in the picture Carolina, Ajouad and Rik assist the Dutch Reformed Church and must take a picture of anyone with less than two tattoos. Ajouad and Rik be photographed because Carolina has more tattoos. Marlin, however, smart enough to perceive that there are more people with fewer tattoos than two. According to her, everyone in the picture, except Carolina.
Viktor puts Marlin on the photo at Weltevreden hotel. However, Viktor and Marlin see the card with the command directly. After some help from the other candidates Viktor Marlin and read the card. The former inspector dog license must at Weltevreden hotel on the photo. Viktor and Marlin can no longer use the previous picture, but Viktor immediately says that he has the photo.
The radio Ajouad calls once more on all places. Chris says again clear that at each place a card depends on whom to include in the photo. The answers of these questions she herself before she Wie is de Mol? started fill in a questionnaire.
Marlin Viktor put in the picture When Moon Bastion is the question of who is favorite New York City. Marlin immediately shows that they have entered it. Viktor does not know what he has filled. Rik and Carolina are sure that they have entered as favorite New York City. After making the photo look Viktor and Marlin for a man who has helped them. The man of the locals know all the places and helps Viktor and Marlin.
Chris and Martine are at a place with the question: Who reads the Parool? Ajouad and Martine read anyway Parool, but Chris does not know for sure whether he had filled in the first place. They take a photo without Chris, but also with Chris.
One of the last questions raised by the candidates, who as favorite cookie has a pretzel. This question is on the ticket at the lighthouse. The answer is Margriet and Viktor. The two do their best to still reach the lighthouse in time, but it does not work anymore.
Art controls the photos Art says that there are six pictures were submitted in total. The picture of the Dutch Reformed Church is wrong. Rik and Ajouad stand on it, but there should stand up more people. The photo of Viktor hotel in Weltevreden is good. The photo of the Moon Bastion is wrong, because there is one person too much. Viktor thinks he is, because he was not sure he knew more or New York as favorite city had filled. The pictures of the VOC weapon and the Historic House are both good too.
That means candidates have earned ?? 750 for the pot. The pot is now ?? 3750.
Candidates must have discussion over dinner about who the pot possession. They find that they sometimes need to change, because they are afraid that the mole otherwise too long pot possession. Rik really want the pot. Carolina thinks Ajouad, Chris and Martine should not get the pot. She suspects them.

Assignment 2: Ambalangoda Temple

In the temple are twelve dishes with contents arranged in a circle. Candidates may one by one to choose where they start looking into the ramekins. They may also decide in which direction they run. However, if they are over a bowl, they may not return. One of the shells should they choose. Participants begin the example in one bowl and rotate clockwise, they can choose them how far they walk. They go for one or two or maybe for dish 3. In one of the dishes is a bomb. You can not walk anymore and are down right away. You also do not dish. The candidates draw straws to determine who goes first.
Carolina ponders whether she takes the contents of the dish Martine draws the straw with number 1. It may begin. They start with one dish, where she finds two jokers. Martine decide not to run and tackle the jokers. When she comes back to the group she bluffing that the following candidates have to go right. Martine however knowest not what may lie there.
Ajouad allowed as a second and starts to dish 2. Therein lie five jokers. He takes them directly and tells the others that they should not be greedy. Carolina comes in third and begins to scale 4. They'll find one joker, but continues to dish 5. Here she finds two jokers and takes them. She tells the group that it is unnerving. You do not know what else is out there, but you have the chance to nothing eventually.
Viktor towards the bomb Viktor scale begins at 7 and encounters the bomb. At first he would not tell the group which is the bomb in scale 7. But he is persuaded and nods that the bomb is at number seven. In his confession he says he considers himself a nincompoop. Rik chooses scale 10. We do not get to see what he thinks. Daisy chooses scale 11. At the end of the episode we learn that black is the exemption here. Marlin begins at scale 12, but it is empty. Also scale 11 is empty and scale 10 is empty. Scale has nine ?? 500 for the pot and it takes them. She feels she is not so good in the group and this can make them friends. Marlin tells Chris that bowls are empty.
Chris begins at scale 6 and immediately finds ?? 250. He says in his confession: "When I saw that scale 250 ?? I thought: That's perfect because the mole takes very little money that way inside, but indeed money So then you're suddenly the candidate who.. pot will fill up, so when I saw that money, I immediately determined that tactic. " Chris reveals himself as this mole?
Margriet visibly pleased with her black exemption In total, the commission provides candidates so ?? 750 in the pot. The pot is eventually ?? 4500.
Art tells the group that the black exemption also between drugs. Martine immediately says that she has found the black exemption, she has not. Rik immediately think to close a deal with Martine. He found three jokers and wants Martine inseint him when they bet the black exemption. Then he gives her a wild card after the test. Martine would like to think about.

Task 3: Taprobane Island

Taprobane Island is a private island with a Greek name. A drink on the island is held and the candidate's task is to remember all the names of the invited guests. Afterwards they can personally say goodbye to the people to drink. They need people to give them a bag home with the proper name of that person.
Ajouad flirt with the girls Ajouad goes his own way and asks all the girls their names. He flirts like crazy. Marlin takes the game very difficult, since the names are not easy. Along with Marguerite tries on each name to a word she can remember. Carolina meets a woman named Amanda and is happy that she comes across a simple name.
Chris has the giggles to the names Chris has the greatest fun on the island. The names are so difficult that it is funny. He laughs himself to death. If the candidates the bags may give away presents for Rik to help each other. Ajouad immediately recognize the couple and gives the bags. He also ensures that all girls get a bag. Carolina thinks that it is chaos handing in bags. Meanwhile, Art verifies that guests have been given the right bag.
Art checks the names The game is not over, because the candidates have to guess how many names they finally get it right. Only when they have that right they get the money for the pot. Margriet, Chris and Ajouad think they have 50 to 75 names right. The remainder tends to be 30 to 50 names. Eventually they choose that. Art says that she had good 65 names. So they have earned nothing. With those 65 names they had finally ?? 1000 can earn. The pot remains ?? 4500.
Voting with the entire group Art is not done with his story. He tells the candidates that there was a picture of the family of the mole in the villa on the island to find. They had thus been able to unmask the mole if they had looked at the pictures.
Martine and Rik make the deal regarding black exemption. Martine says she does not bet him. Obviously, because she has the black exemption either. Rik gives her after a joker. To remain friends Rik has a conversation with Marlin. He says he does have three jokers and one at Marlin as she continues to support her in the game. Marlin has gone berserk.

The test

Chris makes the first test and says he Margriet, Rik and Carolina monitors. He thinks that they found a relief in the temple. Marlin says she Rik suspects. However, Rik suspects Marlin anymore. Its main suspects Margaret and Chris. Also, Carolina and Viktor finds it suspicious. Martine focuses on Margriet, but put it in two jokers. Viktor suspects Chris and Rik especially, but also puts in at Carolina. Carolina itself goes for Marlin, Chris and Martine as a mole. Ajouad does not see what he thinks about the mole. We only see him a wildcard bet. Margriet's last and put the black exemption.
Art tells the candidates that black exemption is used. It is going to take to the smartest party. Ajouad will be the first to see his screen and it immediately red. Chris burst into tears that his buddy had to leave the game. Martine says she did not have the black exemption. Carolina also knew this. The rest ask if she had him. Carolina replies: "Because I'm black?"

Suspicious actions

Below is a list of the most suspect actions per person.

Other suspicious things

The episode title for the first time a capital. Also, if the M seems disunited state of eight. This stands for Mol eight? Does this dish with eight, which nobody has seen the contents? The viewer is not too? Or maybe it hit on Chris who was the eighth candidate in the game that could choose a dish.
The episode title is shown with a fort with sand on the background. Will refer to this Martine Sandifort who has power. Sandifort resembles a fort with sand. But Daisy has power in this episode because she has the black exemption. And Martine says she has the black exemption. According to Rik she also has power. Mole can also have power over the other figure eight participants.
Art also told that there was a family photo of the mole in the house. One of the photos came into the picture with a statuette for half of the picture. As if there was someone that the mole may have and those that they have hidden this way. Marguerite runs is shown by the image as the picture. She also says that the entry was already party. The photo also appears to be a party going on. It points to Marguerite as a mole? Art teaches at it say to the entrance of the house. Was to find the photo on that side of the house?
As Rik de mole, he must know who the black exemption. Will he therefore Martine making difficult a deal with her for?

Television ratings

Who is the mole? drew 2.309 million viewers on Thursday, January 22nd and was thus the most watched television program of the evening.