Who is the mole in 2008?

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Who is the mole is a program in the Netherlands 1. Who is the mole 10 candidates take part in the game. The objective there is to continue in to the end and to be taken in the amount of money received. In this article you will get to know how it goes in all directions. Who is the mole is a game in which the candidates must play as much money in the pot. Among the candidates there is one ?? ?? mole. The task of the mole is failing to spell and thereby as little money as possible playing together. Candidates must fill in after a number of tests a test. Here you need to enter information from the mole. Of course, the candidates do not know who the mole is, so it's going to feel. After each execution ?? ?? 1 candidate is going to go home. If the candidate has earned an exemption to an assignment, or he has collected enough Topito ?? s, he will not go home. Topito ?? s candidates can earn by playing individual games. Who is left to the end wins the game and gets the pot played together. The mole remains there until the end in, because it can make the test without errors.

The candidates

This season the 10 known Dutch traveled to Mexico. The candidates this year are:
  • Annette van Trigt is host of the TV Magazine at VARA. She also presented the sports news. She also does a lot of radio ?? s such as Ball on the roof and with a view to tomorrow.

  • Dennis Weening works in the advertising department of TV West. He is especially active in the music and youth culture. He recently started his own production company.

  • Edo Brunner is an actor and presenter. He played. in the series Baantjer, Kees & Co., Grijpstra and de Gier and Scent of Roses and Vodka Lime. He has also been featured in several films, including Yes Sister, No Sister.

  • Joris Linssen deals mainly with programs ?? s make. He also presents Hellogoodbye. Besides those two things, Joris artist and songwriter.

  • Patrick Martens is best known for his role in Zoop. He has played in many films Zoop.

  • Coen Swijnenstal presents radio ?? s like Swijnenstal. He can be heard especially in the evening and night. Since September 2006, he presents the popular radio program Coen and Sander.

  • Dunya Khayame is an actress and has broken into Good Times, Bad Times. She has played supporting roles in dozens of Dutch series.

  • Georgina Verbaan is an actress and is best known for her role in Good Times, Bad Times. She has played in dozens of films. Georgina is actively involved in charity. They campaigned against union.

  • Nicolette Kluijver's presenter, model and singer. From 2006 she works at BNN and presents programs ?? s such as syringes and swallow and Try before you die. As a model she worked. for Diesel.

  • Regina Romeijn until recently worked as a tour guide in France. In 2005, she presents program ?? s for the EO.