Who's Dries Mertens?

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Since the football season 2011-2012 will play Dries Mertens from PSV Eindhoven. Here the Belgian scores on the assembly line and it seems to be one of the trendsetters in the Dutch Eredivisie season. Who is this Dries Mertens? Since the football season 2011-2012 will play Dries Mertens from PSV Eindhoven. Here the Belgian scores on the assembly line and it seems to be one of the trendsetters in the Dutch Eredivisie season. Who is this Dries Mertens?

Dries Mertens

Dries Mertens was born on May 6, 1987 in Leuven in Belgium. Soccer is the only thing that is true in the youth of the small Dries, and he goes through the youth programs at Stade Leuven and RSC Anderlecht. He has talent, there's everyone agrees. His physical build is playing tricks on him, however, he is too small and found wanting. His move in 2005 to AA Gent changes nothing in: here the construction of Dries Mertens is the stumbling block for a successful career. Through a large detour, he still manages to find the right way and he turns out to be the revelation in the Dutch Eredivisie Football.

Football Career

Youth Training
After Dries Mertens from 1996 through the youth programs at several Belgian clubs, he makes in 2005 moved to AA Gent. The clubs where he went through the youth academies did not see him in the new force. The most commonly used reason is the physical construction of Dries: he is no longer of 1.69 meters and with that he also is light physique. AA Gent Dries Mertens still hopes to get a chance to break into professional football.
AA Gent
The chance of a place in the selection of AA Gent gets Dries Mertens. He plays no match for AA Gent, but for the 2005-2006 season rented to Eendracht Aalst, when playing in the Belgian third division. Dries is proclaimed the best player of the third class in that year. A consolation prize, because he forces no place in the selection of AA Gent away with it.
AGOVV Apeldoorn
The Belgian club AA Gent decision Dries Mertens again to hiring for the season 2006-2007. This time at AGOVV Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. Here he became one of the favorites, and the public Dries therefore ties in her arms. In the 35 games he played he managed to score two times. Dries Mertens knows a contract with the Apeldoorn club for the 2007-2008 season to earn his good play. AGOVV under coach John van den Brom Dries will still play better, and his insight into the game, shots, passes, plays he does not go unnoticed by greeting the audience. He knows how to score 15 times in 38 games. The season like he pulls through this line and he scored 13 times in 35 games. He also won the Golden Bull: the prize for the best talent in the Jupiler League.
FC Utrecht
His good game at AGOVV leads to a contract with FC Utrecht for the 2009-2010 season. This transition should be the step which the Belgian eventually will bring the highest level of professional football. FC Utrecht is doing in this season very well and knows, including by Mertens again to get European football. Dries Mertens is also able to maintain at the highest level in Dutch football, according to his game: he scored in his first season sixth time in 34 games. In season it 10 times in 31 games. Also, no one is more on the physical construction of the Belgian. Precisely his sublime game seems to have finally placed in the background.
Halfway through the 2010-2011 season Dries Mertens is the talk of the transfer carousel. Ajax wants him, as the Amsterdam's departure Suarez looking for a new key player. FC Utrecht let the player go, but can look forward to the end of the season again sincere interest of the Amsterdammers. The Belgian Anderlecht volunteers. Ultimately, the PSV Eindhoven who takes Dries Mertens, along with Kevin Strootman.
From the 2011-2012 season Mertens plays in the red-white shirt of PSV. And that is not going unnoticed. Dries Mertens scored things off. In the first seven games of the season knows Mertens whopping score 11 times. And if he does not score, he is certainly involved with the goals of his colleagues ?? s. He plays frivolous, and shows that he is a definite breakthrough as a top player. If he continues his development, PSV is certainly not an end in the career of Dries Mertens
That the good work of Dries Mertens led to even that he was selected for the Belgian national team, may not sound like a surprise. In February 2011 he made his debut for the Red Devils. He had previously called it but did not play due to an injury to yet.