Who was Edward Linskens again?

Sport Mello22 December 9, 2016 0 52
All we do agree. A name is called and you wonder: Who was that again ... Faint patches follow one another in your head, but there remains a missing link somewhere. A typical example of a forgotten known Dutchman Edward Linskens. Who was he? That we should know him? What happened to him after his star status was exchanged for anonymity?

April 6th '88: The moment of glory!

It considered invincible Real Madrid, six times winner of the European Cup first and twice winner of the World, receives in-house the brave and void PSV, until then only one time winner of the UEFA Cup. We write April 6, 1988, one European Cup semi-final, first leg. 80,000 Madrileños and a handful of Eindhoven are preparing for a afdroogwedstrijd of the Royal. The Spain champion enters with big stars like Buyo, Sanchís, Camacho, Michel, Butragueño and Hugo Sánchez.
After only five minutes Breukelen can fish. Hugo Sánchez does what he is hired and put Madrid 1-0. Fifteen minutes later, however, something happens which makes the life of at least one person will change completely. The 19-year-old debutant midfielder Edward Linskens gets the ball just outside the box, runs the penalty area inside and takes. He hits the ball completely wrong, the keeper diving is out of position and the ball rolls very slowly through the middle of the goal line. 1-1! PSV hold the tie firmly, playing at home 0-0 against the locals and then win the final after penalties from Benfica. The goal of the newcomer proves to be invaluable. The first, and now last, one European Cup victory in the history of PSV is largely due to this glorious moment of Edward Linskens.

Like it or not like?

The remainder of Linskens' career is characterized by ups and downs. Moens is regulated 12th man. He makes his minutes, but never fixed value. Because it is not in his nature to complain, he allows coach after coach used him as a reserve. He plays in ten seasons at PSV a small 180 league games. No high average, but the valuation has always been there. One can find it makes a useful power and the period in which Romario fame, Linskens is even described as the water carrier from the top scorer. He takes a step back to NAC, tastes just like to a foreign adventure in the Belgian Lokeren and builds off at VVV Venlo. Dutch national team he gets just not.

Life after football ...

Modest as he is, he takes the job as manager of the FanClub PSV. With love he sells tops and keychains from his club. He does not appear on TV, and year after year there are fewer people who recognize him on the street. Slowly he fades in shadow of the new stars of PSV. The children who have a shirt from Ronaldo, Nilis or Van Nistelrooy will get not know that the man on the other side of the counter yielded such an important contribution to the success of any club. It is typical of the man Linskens. Always have been satisfied with a role in the shade. Star Wars airs he will never be tempted his boots to walk.
And yet its name to many voelballiefhebbers still ring a bell. Twenty years later, there is still a lot of appreciation for the little boy on April 6 '88 Real Madrid painfully with the nose pressed the facts. Fame is fleeting, but Linskens' performance has become monumental. The goal is still viewed thousands of times on YouTube.