Who will I marry? - Jewish orthodox view

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It is needless to say that the selection of a partner is very personal. Someone who is neat set will not marry a sloppy set person. It is almost certain that such a relationship will result in failure. Still, there are some general points which are applicable to everyone. This article focus on the Jewish orthodox view on mating.

Marry a Jewish person

Marriage is the union of two souls. Souls can be very different. For the survival of the Jewish people, it is very important that Jews marry Jews. There may well have strong feelings and physical attraction between a Jew and a non-Jew but the souls will fit less together. They will be seen from a religious perspective, barely have similarities. For the education of children is however very important.

Watch friendliness

When Abraham his servant Eliezer to the city of Haran sent to choose a wife for Isaac, he had a difficult task to find a suitable wife. He devised a plan. He looked at the woman with natural friendliness. The woman who would voluntarily bring water for the thirsty camels would be the right choice for Isaac; the right to be a mortal mother of the Jewish nation.
One of the best dating tips is to look at how your date treats the restaurant staff. When your date talk nice to you but is unkind to the waiter these businesses is probably not the best date.

Look at corresponding values

It is important to see how the person is, and not how it will be. It is important that the values ​​match. State having a "Jewish" house on your priority list? What do you think about the Jewish education of the children? Are you going to participate in the Jewish community? It is important that both partners want to lead a Jewish life.

Family and background

A child who is raised in a harmonious and loving family with parents who respect each other and their children, will probably also want to start a household run by the same ethics. But it can of course be the case that a person who comes from a well-family itself has no value, or vice versa, a person who is honest but has poor family. In that case, choose the latter.

Do not idealistic

Plug in dating no people because they look a certain way, a certain hair or eye color, or have a certain appeal. Too many people remain single because they are looking for the perfect partner. One must be choosy in respect of such matters, but one must be prepared to compromise on non-essential things like appearance, profession, nationality and political views. Many times people are surprised to be attracted to someone who did not fit at first sight in their image. Nobody is perfect. But if a person is the most important criteria then you should go for that person.

Mutual attraction

An individual may seem attractive on paper, but if there is no mutual attraction than a relationship no sense. Sometimes it takes a while before the spark skips. Do not give up too soon. But put not too much time in disappointment. If it is nothing then it is better to look for another. Thing is to enjoy each other. True love will only develop after marriage.

Technical considerations on the basis of Jewish law

A Cohen can not marry a divorced woman. In addition, a prospective spouse must if it is separated, in possession of a get from a previous marriage.