Why calcium in our pots of cream?

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Why calcium in our pots of cream?

Calcium is present in more and cosmeceutical. What is it used for ? What benefits for our skin? Decoding and opinion of two specialists.

Calcium, the word evokes cheese, yogurt, water, almonds ... In short, food. Well, this is changing!

Today it invites the cosmetics department: more creams containing it and claim it. Is it really useful? Yes, because our skin needs calcium. Moreover, it naturally contains at the epidermal level.

Calcium helps the skin to better defend

With calcium, the skin is better equipped to defend themselves against external aggressions, sun and pollution, and less permeable to allergens or germs. However, dermatologists and scientists are confident: the amount of cutaneous calcium decreases over the years. Hence the idea of ​​some cosmetics manufacturers to include in their formulations.

"Calcium helps the cohesion of the epidermal barrier, says Dr. Anny Cohen-Letessier, dermatologist. It promotes the transportation of water through the skin and stimulates important cellular reactions. "In other words, it strengthens the skin.

Calcium has an effect on the fat cells

"Depending on the type of calcium present in the formula, it will be rather anti-aging moisturizer instead or both, while promoting the overall health of the skin," adds Christine Lafforgue, cosmetologist and lecturer at the University Paris XI.

This is why some creams clearly target mature, other dry or sensitive skin, in all cases, fragile skins.

Latest discovery, its effect on fat cells, hence its arrival in slimming.