Why do we heal from placebos

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People heal not a drug but a placebo effect associated with swallowing a pill. A placebo is a pill with no active ingredient in it. These are among others used in scientific experiments to investigate whether the drug actually works. The difference in effect between a placebo and a drug is sometimes really only a few percent. If a drug works 5% more than placebo, it may have been coming to the market as a drug. For example, the rules. This large-scale organized fraud, drug begins increasingly to come to light. It should be clear to anyone that a difference of a few percent in recovery rate is easy to obtain by statistical shift of research data. This happens on a structural level.
Placebo's work.


  • Positive attitude does heal the body
  • Fake surgery heals angina pectoris
  • Doctor heals with positive words
  • Bleeding ulcer heals by faith
  • Infection heals the body
  • Toxins
  • Medications control symptoms
  • Laugh and healing
  • Science and understanding spirit

Positive attitude does heal the body

When a doctor reassures the patient and says that it's all good and the disease will soon disappear, this has meant that people are setting themselves positively to a cure. The human mind is a little understood phenomenon. Scientists even believe that the mind does not exist apart from the body. The human mind is connected to the body via the endocrine glands of the endocrine system. When a person changes in mood, the hormones cause the body anticipates. Everyone knows you from a stressful post acute abdominal pain or headache can get. These disorders are thus directly caused by the mind and are not of a physical factor. Conversely, it is also true that if we get a positive message, we create all kinds of substances that enhance the immune system.
Andreas Moritz, the body & mind mystery

Fake surgery heals angina pectoris

In his book "The body and mind mystery 'does Andreas Moritz explained how well a placebo in fact. For this he uses scientific studies that have examined the therapeutic effect of a placebo. In a study of people with angina pectoris ie angina pectoris were treated five people do not actually operated but immediately after incision in the body, the skin was again made close. Thirteen others were actually treated. Ten of the thirteen people actually said, noticing improvement of the operation. However, it was striking that all five people who had undergone improvements such nepoperatie also noticed improved endurance. Keeps you fooling themselves? No! Because it was assumed that the operation was going to give an improvement in the situation, of course the body imagined in such improvement.

Doctor heals with positive words

The above research is not conducted on a large scale; you can not let too many people into believing to be operated on. Another research was done by the GP KB Thomas from Southampton. He examined a total of 200 people with relatively innocent illnesses such as coughs, colds, headaches, stomach, throat and back pain. He told one half that they had little chance of improvement. The other half were told that it sometimes could last a little longer and that in view of improvement could not be obtained quickly. In other words, he gave 100 people a positive image and 100 people a negative prognosis. Of the positive consultations, 64% declared themselves after a few days back to health. The negative consultations showed that after one week 39% light condition was lost. That in itself is a big difference. But this doctor went even further with its investigation. Indeed, he had in the two groups half of the people given a placebo. Of the placebo group healed 53% of the people and of the group that got a real drug, only 50%. When this kind of research could be done more frequently and published and the outcome of similar meaning, mankind would forever lose confidence in the pharmaceutical industry.

Bleeding ulcer heals by faith

A recent placebo-Moritz describes research is the study of people with a bleeding ulcer. The researchers told the people that they were prescribed a promising new drug. The researchers divided the patients into three groups.
  • Group 1: These people were given the new drug,
  • Group 2: These people got an agent that the bleeding worsens,
  • Group 3: These men were given a placebo.
The researchers had never expected the outcome of the investigation. Each group actually contained a virtually identical cure rate! How is that possible? Confidence in the success ensures that the body gets adjusted positively to cure with the result that the immune system improves. The hormonal changes so that many substances are secreted that enhance the immune system. Especially the fact that people in group 2, which means an occupied gastric bleeding must surely worsen healed, surprised the researchers.

Infection heals the body

The current medicine is hardly assume that the spirit cause of many diseases. In addition, conventional medicine sees the phenomenon of 'infection' 'completely wrong. According to Andreas Moritz which is a well known author and naturopath, an infection shows no disease but a way of the body to restore balance. By letting an infection take place will be taken away, the cause of a disease. The cause is almost always in the wrong diet combined with stress factors. If we eat healthy foods can stress better.


In the body are many toxins; which are poisons. There, you notice anything about because the body is set so that encapsulates the toxins in fat tissue. This is also a major cause of disease ie obesity overweight. But even people who do not suffer from this, build an excess of toxins in their body. Yet you yourself for years continue to feel healthy. At a certain moment is too much, however, the front of the body. Then those toxins out and if the immune system is not strong enough then you feel tired, sick, or there is a kind of infection, such as a stomach ulcer.

Medications control symptoms

Medications will almost never help in this. These are always designed to combat the symptoms. You feel less pain after medication. However, the body just goes through with it until the infection heals, by itself. Then the doctor and patient think anyone is cured by the medicine. That is not so. It is rather heals in spite of the drug. Because as everyone knows, many side glued to a synthetic drug. The body still needs to work a little harder for the new toxins - to defuse in the medicine. That is done by storing chemical components in fat tissue.
Laughing geneest.In this article the vision of Andreas Moritz announces an important writer and herbalist from Germany, who has long been in New Zealand operates.

Laugh and healing

Placebos are often found to work as well as a medicine. That basically means that a drug does not work so well. We now know that through positive thinking, laughing, petting animals or humans can heal. That's because the endocrine system produces many positive hormones through positive actions. This will strengthen the immune system directly and can eliminate the disease!

Science and understanding spirit

What does this mean for science? In science divorced his body and mind or even stronger: it denies the phenomenon of mind. Scientists assume the idea that mind is an illusion that we foist ourselves because with each communicating neurons in combination with various chemical reactions give us the illusion that we have a spiritual capacity. However, this view is quite recent: only one or two hundred years, this theory, which has been proclaimed a result of the materialistic, mechanistic worldview. Before that people had always the idea that the man next to a body has a mind and soul. Unfortunately, the tools of science are not in a position to weigh a soul or a spirit, though partly through Kirlian-photography can be made visible to the human eye. Science reasons: if it can not be measured, it does not exist. It would be a major step forward in science if it can be scientifically established that man has a spirit. Examples from medical practices make clear view phenomena that we can not explain it otherwise than with the assumption that man has a spirit. This spirit can heal us, via the placebo effect and make you sick through stress factor.