Why is enough drink so important?

Health ivanp7 August 8, 2016 0 2
Enough drinking is very important that we all know. If you drink enough moisture stays in your body in good condition and this is important for many processes in the body. Also, for the skin moisture is extremely important in order to keep them healthy and elastic. What does fought well with your body and why it is so important to drink?

Water in your body

Drinking enough is essential to a proper fluid balance in your body; the fluid balance in your body ensures that all organs as well as possible to do their work and that all processes in the body run smoothly.
One day, your body will lose moisture under normal conditions, about 2 to 3 liters, it must, of course, there to come again to prevent it from drying. If your sport or if it is very hot then you lose, of course, much more fluid. This may be the case when speaking of diarrhea, fever, vomiting or other extreme circumstances If you exercise, you can do one to two liters of fluid lost per hour, you should of course make sure you drink much there otherwise might be for severe dehydration worries.
60% of the body consists of water, your brain consist of 70% water and your lungs even 90%; as you age can reduce this percentage to 30%. Without drinking can survive the body on average only four days without food this is more than two months; This difference shows how important water is to the human body.

Moisture floating waste products

Moisture in the body makes sure that nutrients to the cells to be transported and that the body of salt or waste material can separate. The nutrients must end up in the cells as to ensure that all the processes can be controlled in the body, here is, of course, requires energy, which is also mainly extracted from moisture.
Some waste materials from, for example, food or alcohol, dissolve only when they are mixed in a certain amount of moisture. If your body has a moisture deficit, it can not get rid of these wastes.
Water dissolves the nutrients from your food, therefore they can be incorporated into your intestines. If waste is not properly disposed it can lead to kidney stones and weight gain.

Moisture creates the right body temperature

Moisture also ensures that the temperature in the body continues to 37 degrees, this makes the body by, among other things to emit heat in the form of sweat.
If your body is deficient in moisture, you will feel tired. This occurs at a moisture deficit of a few percent, as your body has to work harder to remove wastes and the like and therefore will consume more energy.

Moisture creates beautiful skin

Also for your skin is to drink plenty of very important because your skin from moisture ensures that the waste is discharged, making you less likely pimples. Also keeps moisture the skin supple and keeps it from drying out; dryness of the skin is a major cause of wrinkles.


If you have a feeling thirsty, then you already have a moisture deficit of 5%. It is therefore best to just keep drinking throughout the day, even though you are not thirsty. Because you're already at a moisture deficit of a few percent will feel tired, this 5% will therefore be even more because your body must work even harder.

Just water?

Water is the best because there's nothing added to it, your body should thus be anything from filtering and can use all the fluid to where it is needed. Especially sugary drinks require a lot of energy from the body to get the sugar out among others and are therefore less good for your fluid balance.
Alcohol and caffeine ensure vochtafdrijving in your body, these also increase the production of urine makes you only more moisture will decrease.