Why keep poor countries poor?

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It is known that there are a lot of developing countries, who for generations have long been very poor. Many people have a quick judgment on poor countries, for example, they say that it is their own fault. But what are the real reasons why our world has to deal with so many poor countries? A number of important causes are explained in maintaining poverty in the developing countries.
  •  Trade barriers
  •  Influence of raw materials
  •  Skewed income
  •  Aid effectiveness
  •  Corruption

 Trade barriers

 The problem
There is talk of a trade barrier when trading with a country difficult. Europe has a lot of trade barriers that hinder trade with many developing countries, this is detrimental to these already poor countries.
Examples of trade barriers that hinder trade with developing countries:
  • The payment of duty causing additional burden would be placed on foreign goods.
  • Providing import licenses, making certain products can only be imported from pre-defined countries.
  • The issuing of export licenses, making certain products can only be sent to pre-defined countries.
  • Establishing quotas, this is a maximum number of imported products are fixed for a certain period.
Europe is known for its many trade barriers which European countries make it very difficult for developing countries to develop. Trade barriers are used to separate the domestic market of their competitors, there is also talk of protectionism.
 Solution to this problem
The only conceivable solution to this problem is to eliminate some of trade barriers. So far come almost every year new trade barriers by making it increasingly difficult for the developing world to grow economically. To help developing countries grow, it is necessary to use fewer trade barriers.

 Influence of raw materials

 The problem
Many developing countries have a lot of valuable raw materials. If these materials would all be used by the country where they are located would be a lot of developing countries many times richer. Yet it seems that many Western and other wealthy countries preying on these resources so that the poor countries still remain poor. Examples of valuable resources in developing countries, gold and oil. Below is a list of the countries with the biggest oil resources.
Remarkable about this table is that many countries a huge gap between rich and poor know or often involved in wars.
 Solution to this problem
The solution to this problem lies in the rich countries should be respected is that the materials that are in a country also belong to that country. Rich countries like the United States are not entitled to these materials and would therefore also have to stay away from.

 Skewed income

 The problem
It is often said that the gap between rich and poor countries is getting smaller. In fact, it is true that most developing countries have a growing GDP, but also shows that the income distribution in most developing countries has not improved or even declining. We also speak well of a skewed income distribution.
 Solution to this problem
The distribution of income in developing countries would be better if more education would be possible and therefore everyone has equal chances of a good job. In poor countries, it is currently often the case that there is little social mobility, this will mean that if you are born poor, you often also will remain poor, and when you are born rich you often also will remain rich.

 Aid effectiveness

 The problems
The collaboration of state aid for years under heavy criticism, especially the effectiveness of this aid. Examples how much criticism has been:
  • Are not steering the right resources
  • It is not given sufficient or no effective guidance
  • Lots of money does not seem to arrive
  • Corruption within development organizations

 Solutions to these problems
It is very important that development comes good. This could be maximized by giving more information or to train more specialized care. It is also important that a better view comes on the finances that the money could be better justified.


 The problem
In almost all developing countries is still much talk of corruption, this is also a very important reason for the poor remain in a country. So it often happens that the government is very corrupt in developing countries and ensuring that the people remain poor while the 'elite' remains rich. Below is a list of the most corrupt countries in the world, these are almost all developing countries:
  •  Somalia
  •  Myanmar
  •  Afghanistan
  •  Iraq
  •  Uzbekistan
  •  Turkmenistan
  •  Sudan
  •  Chad
  •  Burundi
  •  Equatorial Guinea

  •  Possible solution
    However, many data show that the richer a country is, the less corrupt a country is. It is therefore important that developing countries develop economically so that the corruption in the country will decrease. It is also important that the governments of developing countries gain more insight into the detrimental effects of corruption, they could take more stringent in the country against corruption.