Why Thai women are so slim?

Health hawkeye64 July 25, 2016 0 23
Thai women are slender, slim and tight and remain so throughout their lives. They can eat what they want, to arrive without an ounce. At least, so it seems. And how old they are, it seems they remain forever young and slim. How do they do that? What is their secret? They are nice, friendly and laughing. In Thailand you see no fat Thai. Is it because of the heat in Thailand? Is it a matter of culture or good genes? Is it because of their eating habits?

Thick Thai women

To a fable help from the world, there do exist thick Thai women! Especially since there including fast food chains are present in Thailand, the average Thai thickens. Especially the young westernize rapidly. Obesity begins in Southeast Asia to be a big problem, especially among young people. Wealth, fast food, less physical labor are all reasons that the Thai thickens. There is more heart failure, and diabetes in the Thai than before. The elderly remain reasonably faithful to their own culture and not thicken as quickly as the younger generation. However, the average Thai woman remains slim, slender and graceful.

Coconut Milk

Almost daily there coconut milk on the menu of Thai woman. Coconut milk contains fat, but the fat of coconut milk is essential fat. Fat that the body needs to function properly. Coconut milk is very nutritious and healthy. Coconut milk has 33 calories per 100 grams.

Chili Peppers

Hot food, according to the Thai big effect on digestion. By regularly eating chili peppers accelerates digestion.


Few Thai women eat bread. Eat bread does not belong to the daily routine of the Thai woman. In the Netherlands there is a real bread culture, something they do not know in Thailand. Yellow cheese and fatty meats eat Thai woman. Let alone a sandwich with cheese. They do eat a lot of shrimp, rice and chicken.


Thai woman very light breakfast. They often start in the morning with rice for breakfast or a porridge of grains puts the metabolism going.


Lunch consists of Thai wife often of rice with stir fried vegetables and some chicken or pork.


In the evening, eat Thai woman quite early, from 17.00 to 19.00. They eat in the evening light and small portions. The portions that the Thai woman eats much smaller than we are used to in the Netherlands or in the west. Thai woman can eat all day, but they always eat small portions.


Generally Thai women do love sweet. Especially their dessert of egg, sugar and coconut milk is a favorite.

Way of life

The way of life, their eating habits, the type of food and accelerating the digestion all helps to keep the Thai woman permanently slim. Thai women eat more frequently than in the Netherlands, but they eat smaller portions, eat more vegetables and very little meat, use a lot of lime, pineapple, chilli and galangal.


The construction of the Thai woman also has to make it sure that they are so slim. They are now built once much finer than the solid Dutch women.


There is something we have to take into account. If we freeze in the Netherlands would like to hearty fare. In Thailand, the average temperature throughout the year by about 32 degrees Celsius. In this warm environment, it is easier to eat light food which is easy to digest.

Thai cuisine

And Thai cuisine is delicious! Who has desire to eat sweets if you have such a wonderful kitchen at your disposal? Fresh fish, many herbs and vegetables and everything equally colorful and mouthwatering delicious! Although the Thai woman also has a weakness for chocolate.


Lots of sports does the Thai woman. Thai women in big cities that do not work in the fields, do more sport. However, physical labor, such as working in the rice fields or tending the rubber trees is just another day for many Thai women in smaller villages. Thai woman works long hours, often more than 10 hours a day. Lots of opportunity to snack does not.


Thai woman is generally better balanced: they are balanced. Emotional eaters are hardly in Thailand. They have hardly suffer from binge eating. They have barely suffered from fluctuating weight. They laugh a lot and like to see the positive side of life. Even though making the Thai women certainly with much adversity they always have hope. Hope none of them decreases. They rely on a favorable outcome. Every new day is a new beginning. They start each new day with a smile.

Keep measure

But what is the real secret that the Thai woman is so slim? Moderation. No big signs to brag, but often a small portion. It's not really an eye-opener, but it is hopeful. Do not overeat, eat smaller portions and more often in a day, a lot of changing and colored vegetables, little meat and no bread or cheese. And not to forget their special ingredient: Lots of laughter, love and courage never lost hope. For the Thai woman works, if it works for the Dutch woman ???