Why three hours of TV a day doubles the risk of death

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Why three hours of TV a day doubles the risk of death

A Spanish study shows that watching television, be sedentary for three hours each day, double the risk of death.

You are the type to watch a match of the World Cup, to pick up on three episodes of American series? Warning !

A new Spanish study warns against excessive sedentary lifestyle due to screen time, especially television.

Dr. Miguel, a professor at the University of Navarra, followed 13,284 graduates, aged 37 years at the beginning of the study, for eight years, 60% are women.

Evaluate the relationship between sedentary behavior and risk of death

The objective of the study? Assess the association between three types of sedentary behavior and the risk of death from all causes:

  • TV time;
  • time type of computer screen;
  • or driving time spent sitting in his car.

97 deaths during the study

During this follow-up, 97 deaths occurred, including 19 from cardiovascular causes, 46 cancer and 32 from other causes.

Conclusions: The analysis revealed that the risk of death is twice as high for participants who reported watching television three hours a day or more against those who look for an hour or less.

What for ? Beyond television, the lack of physical activity is responsible. And perhaps also an unbalanced diet?

Be limited to one or two hours of TV per day

These data, presented in the Journal of the American Heart Association, to encourage:

  • maintain a good level of physical activity;
  • avoid long sedentary periods;
  • limit his TV time to one or two hours a day.

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