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It's been quite a while ago when the famous GTA Rockstar serieuitbracht. The series was followed by friend and foe and sold millions of times. It is therefore not surprising that a Dutch GTA site began living under the name GtaGames. All fans of the series can be everything from looking up and it works like a wikipedia for the virtual world GTA.


  • History
  • Supported Games
  • WikiGTA
  • GtaForum

Piece of history

WikiGTA, the directory where all elements of the game are described series was launched on two October 2005. The forum part of the site was then two years. Since it is a Wiki website is multiple people can edit the site to your heart. It is because unlike Wikipedia not every odd page ?? s can edit that only the employees. The employees are selected from well-meaning board members that the quality is maintained. The page?? s WikiGTA grew rapidly and in 2005 the site counted 1000 articles. A year later it was again doubled. In the year 2006 there was also an English version of the site out, it is less well stocked and attended.

The supported games

These games are on the website:
  • Chinatown Wars
  • Grand Theft Auto IV
  • Vice City Stories
  • Liberty City Stories
  • GTA: San Andreas
  • GTA: Vice City
  • Grand Theft Auto III
  • GTA Advance
  • GTA2
  • GTA: London 1961
  • GTA: London 1969
  • Grand Theft Auto

WikiGTA: Full of information about GTA

WikiGTA is full of information about GTA. From every part you can read how you play certain things and how the story puts exactly. The site is very clear from the screenshots posted and written in an understandable manner. It's easy to navigate between the different parts and GTA user you can really learn from. Another convenience of the site are the various street maps that you can print out and could use some extra ?? s can be found. WikiGTA is like Wikipedia for the normal world, you learn lots of things about the virtual world and work good. WikiGTA there is written against some simpler, this is mainly because GTA also played by many younger people.

The forum

Yet it is not what is most WikiGTA is visited, but it GtaForum which are sitting.
Sign Up
It's simple to sign up to the forum. As a regular guest you can read everything but not post or view pictures. You can join by choosing a username and password and fill in your email address. Then, a confirmation sent to that address and then you can make use of the forum.
The forum has several parts. So you have a GTA section where you can discuss any GTA part. GTA each part has several subcategories so things work clearer. Besides the part about GTA there are also a lot of other parts that nothing to do with the popular game series. So you have an opinion section for the more serious topics and a section for hardware purchases in this area. There are also a lot of people who have nothing to do with GTA but the forum just use it for the other topics.
Types of members
At the forum members are divided into specific categories. After a certain number of posts you play have a new rank fairly so you experience can be read. By being an active and helpful you can be a member or a superlid megalid. If you make a mess you can be arrested and thou shalt not get on the forum.
Main source of income
The purpose of WikiGTA is not making profits but they should survive. Therefore there are some ads on the forum. Here they earn just enough with it to keep the website online.
Visit the website here.