Win for life - How much chance do you have of winning?

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Everyone in Belgium knows it, the scratch game from the National Lottery. Scratch the road and see if the winning number corresponds to the figure that stands among the winning amount. For many people a weekly habit to buy this, others do only once every few months a try. But how many winners are there anyway? And what do we do with it if we win? Here we read more about it ??


Even before the popular scratch game people were particularly interested in Subito, a game that had a turnover of nearly 23 million. And there was room for something new. In 1998 we came out with them 'Win for life'. A new opportunity to win that brought more success and so did sales of 56 million euros. And with a formula where you monthly to enjoy.

What is Win for life?

?? A Win for life ?? you pay 1 or 3 euro. With a lock of 1 euro you can earn up to 500 euros per month. A modest amount yet can bring a bit more wealth in your life. The Lotjes of 3 Euros can be as known up to 2000 euro per month. In contrast to the 1,000 euros that we are a few years back saw in our paper merchant for 2.50 euros. The National Lottery has this change the prize even more attractive, but what few people know is that the chances of winning also become slightly smaller. One makes the other well you can hear them thinking ?? but with less lucky winners.

The probability of winning

A nice sum for the rest of your life is to win everyone has a dream, but we Moete realize this yet. What are the odds of winning? According to the website have 18 people won the 2000 euro per month. We count it all winners at even the smaller amounts, we have 22.786 million euros deserve. At first glance, not a bad figure, but what are the chances that you will be taking? Well, we must conclude that when creating and distributing a million notes there is one winner of 2000 euros per month. And for the one-time winners: 15 euro banknotes in 2500, 150 bills of 250 euros in 1500 from 25 euro bills, and thus to 15000th notes of 9 172 000 euro and the last notes of 3 euros. That means that there are more than 188 000 odds at 1 million bills. And this with the 200 000 odds in 2002 with the old Win for Life scratch cards.

2000 euros per month, with the winners?

Many people fantasize or even if they would win this prize every month. A survey also shows that these winners are generally very sober remain. Thus, no more than half simply continue practicing his daily job. And few really stop working. They view it as an extra that will give more luxury. They will do very large purchases less than a regular Lotto yet be sure of a richer future. Something that will remain for many still a dream for some and a future. But as they say, without playing you can not win. And is truth to that.