Winter Ailments your hands

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Just as winter feet to your hands also suffer quite have under the cold. So you can get through the cold winter hands, fissures can shoot spontaneously in your hands and dead fingers can be a consequence.

Winter Hands

How are chilblains?
When the summer is over and the weather outside is colder and more humid, people can suffer from chilblains. An important factor is humidity. This is more important than the temperature. As did example of -7 degrees with a humid air, then it can feel as cold as -14 with dry air. If your hands get warm blood vessels widen. This allows more blood flows through. With a big difference in temperature react to the blood vessels in the hands fast enough. Too much blood is then fed so it is not good anymore flows. The result is that the blood can not escape, and the blood vessels and the skin will be damaged.
Associated complaints
Tingling, swelling, itching and redness are the complaints from chilblains hear. They can also be very painful.
Why does one get it and others do not?
Why one person does get chilblains and the other does not to do with several factors:
  • Significantly underweight or overweight
  • When you work a lot outside in the cold air, or in cold rooms
  • Erferlijkheid; may have more people in your family suffer from chilblains
  • A disease of the blood vessels
  • The use of beta-blockers

Let reduce symptoms
You can do a number of things to diminish chilblains. Completely avoided is impossible.
  • Wear warm clothes and gloves when you go outside. In short, keep your hands warm.
  • Let your clothes do not pinch down to your body, but concern for space.
  • Take contrast baths. If your hands 3 minutes in warm water and then lay 30 counts in cold water, your circulation will improve then.
  • Medications are available if you have a lot of chilblains
  • Cover your hands with a good hand cream


How are gaps?
When the weather gets cold outside, you can also suffer from gaps in your hands. Especially women can suffer from this, but also in men happens. A gap is actually a bit of skin ruptured, a tear. It can occur when the skin is very dry. Because of the drought, it is no longer as good as possible for the skin to move, to be elastic. The skin will rupture or burst. They can be very painful because the skin can sometimes tear deep. This means there is also often see some blood in the gap. Canyons occur mainly in the fingers, or nothing at the knuckles.
The skin becomes dry due to the colder wind chill outside. In particular, freezing at this is the case. Not only outside but also inside, the air is drier than normal. This is because people then turn the heat. Water is also a culprit. Here you skin is also drier, remember to wash your hands what you do multiple times daily or doing the dishes.
What can you do against chapping?
Try to keep your skin supple to prevent chapping. You should avoid your skin too dry. Lubricate hand cream or a moisturizer on your hands to prevent dehydration.

Dead fingers

The cold blood circulation can also be stopped completely so that the blood does not flow further. The fingers turn white and look dead. They also feel stiff. At that point, you have almost no feeling in. Unfortunately, there is little to do with dead fingers. Try to keep your hands well with warm gloves. It can also help move. They can also lukewarm water. No hot water! If they are too quick warm than they are because they go red and tingling, a feeling.