Winter: the season of health ailments and diseases

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Winter is not only the season of fun, but also all sorts of ailments and diseases. The lack of sunlight implies that we are more tired and more susceptible to depression. The classic problems in winter colds and flu, but also the winter depression or winter blues is more common. In addition, the winter can worsen the symptoms of existing illness. A useful general tip is to make your food supplements with added vitamin D more resistant to the typical winter ailments, especially to cope with the lack of sunlight in winter.

Winter: cozy but not healthy

The days are getting shorter, colder temperatures and sunlight scarce: winter strikes. People get tired more quickly, become easily irritated and have a chance to get a winter depression. Therefore, the winter for some one more reason to stay inside as much as possible and make it cozy. But the winter has some negative health effects that are not always avoid. Winter provides both the emergence of new diseases such as the exacerbation of existing conditions.

Winter ailments and diseases

Colds and flu
The classic disease where many people suffer from the winter cold. Colds are relatively harmless and go after a few days or a week by itself. A more serious condition is influenza or flu. Flu is a disease that occurs more easily in the winter because our immune system than less strong than in the summer. This disease can be effectively combat but can also lead to complications in people who are already seriously weakened.
Winter depression or winter blues
SAD is a form of SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as seasonal depression. People then become depressed because of several reasons such as the lack of sunlight or physical discomfort from the cold. What also can play is the feeling that there must be an opportunity to assess the end of the year, which is often disappointing. SAD can be contested include appropriate medication, therapy or a long stay in a sunny climate.

Worsening diseases in winter

Muscles and joints
Winter brings cold and humidity along with it such as reduced temperatures, snow, rain, sleet and low-hanging fog. These are all potential aggravating factors for diseases of joints and muscles such as rheumatism, arthritis and fibromyalgia. Due to the cold and humidity pull the tissues and the muscles around the joints together which can cause pain and discomfort.
CVS or chronic fatigue syndrome
In the winter there is less sunlight so you get less power to you. You get less vitamins from the sun in the winter, but seems quite modest. You will therefore faster tired and most people therefore need more sleep in the winter. In addition, the winter can worsen symptoms in people who are already chronically fatigued.
Breathing problems
In winter, people with respiratory problems like asthma suffer more because of the unhealthy cold air. Add to that the often low-hanging mist to it, and you know that the lung is no fun in the winter. In urban areas will still be there in the smog due to the excessive air pollution.
Back problems in winter more stressed because of the cold weather. Both hernia, sciatica and ankylosing spondylitis be negatively affected by the winter weather. People who have put their weight back in the winter to regularly visit the sauna or choose to stay in a sunny country.

General tip: Vitamin D

Vitamins can always be useful when it comes to fortify mind and body against diseases and ailments. Typical of the winter is that there is less sunlight, the days are shorter, the weather is colder and more humid, and you walk a lot of vitamin D wrong. Therefore, it can be very useful to compensate for that lack of sunlight with nutritional supplements. Food supplements with vitamin D can remedy this deficiency thus making your resistance is much stronger. Vitamin D is vital for your body and mind; therefore always help an extra boost.