Woks induction: delicious and healthy!

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Stir-frying is no longer an exotic cooking technique more, but a daily way of fast and delicious cooking. Stir-frying at induction is now no longer a problem. Moreover, thanks to the latest products, woks on an induction plate even more versatile and interesting than a traditional stove. Traditionally, a wok has a round shape. Therefore you had to wok gas hob needed that was equipped with a powerful wok burner and a wokrooster. The wok then had a higher power was stepless, so you could not only woks but other preparations ?? such simmer for example ?? there were no problems whatsoever.
Wok cooking on a hob or induction hob could, but it was necessary to use a wok with a flat bottom. Obviously, that's not quite the same as a round wok, which is intended specifically by its shape to stir-fry quickly. Another flaw was to ceramic or electric hobs that the power was not always easy to control, so the end result was not always good.
Meanwhile, a lot has changed and you can also work with a real round wok on an induction hob, particularly with the induction wok.


  • A wok is a semicircular hole pan similar to a bisected ball, used in oriental cuisine. The word ?? wok ?? is derived from the Cantonese, and has the same meaning.
  • Chinese wok has a long wooden handle and is originally from hammered steel. The wadjan comes from the Indonesian and Indian cuisine and has no wooden handle mar two handles, also called ears.
  • The wok is deeper and usually thinner than a frying pan and is mainly used for stir-frying. Filled with oil to the wok is also used for deep frying. Also food steaming, roasting or smoking is possible.
  • Originally, a wok was manufactured from a flat piece of steel. Who was beaten with a long round hammer into shape so that the distinctive dots were created in the wok. When used properly these went woks last a lifetime. Today most woks stainless steel, cast iron or aluminum with enamel or Teflon non-stick coating.


The induction wok is actually an induction stove with bowl-shaped wokzone. The 38 cm wide hob is equipped with a glass ceramic bowl that fits an included wok. Which is a special kind of wok wok overheating no chance. A known disadvantage of many woks is that it is difficult to find the right temperature. Therefore, the food is overheated, it burns and sticks it to the soil. That's with this wok past. Even at maximum power, the wok will never get hotter than 250 ° C maximum. Up to about 220 ° C, the product will heat up normally like any other wok, but above that temperature the force of the induction cooker will gradually decrease and stabilize somewhere between 245 and 250 ° C. Then it automatically adjusts how much power is required to keep this temperature or to compensate for the heat lost in the air or in food.

Maximum convenience

The induction hob is extremely versatile. In the bowl-shaped induction zone with special wok can be very fast and high-temperature vegetables, meat, chicken and fish wok. By the rapid heating the ingredients remain crispy and retain their color, flavor and nutritional value. For maximum convenience, the ideal wokvermogen is preprogrammed and knows the bowl-shaped induction zone a boost function of 3000 W.

Diverse cooking techniques

Thanks to the precisely adjustable low temperature is even poaching eggs possible. Moreover, the round shape of the wok pan is suitable for whipping creams, sauces or a parfait. And, with the lid on the wok pan belongs throttling of vegetables and fish, in its own moisture, among the possibilities. But stewing dishes, for example coconut milk, wine or broth are no problem.