Woman secret

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There's been a lot written about the woman's orgasm, but a specific method how to get to it does not exist because every woman simply is different. Which is obviously even more difficult for the man. In ?? Woman secret ?? we get an overview of the history of female sexuality and how it exactly works, but still no single explanation can be given or how ?? I find the right button ??? - method will be provided.

Alfred Kinsey and Shere Hite

In 1953, the American sexologist Alfred Kinsey published his world famous and groundbreaking report, ?? The sexual behavior in women ??, which is the bible of female sexuality would be. In the seventies and eighties of last century was the American scientist Shere Hite a real hype with its reports on female sexuality in which they, among other things gave the clitoris right to exist and punctured the myth of the vaginal orgasm. This book revolutionized female sexuality and were very instructive for women but also for men.
With ?? Woman secret ?? go Elisa Brune and Yves Ferroul now continue on the same path and they give us a glimpse at the situation as it presents itself today.

Animals as reference

The book goes into a first section elaborates on the orgasm in the animal world and in particular the utility ?? ?? thereof for the propagation of the species. Researchers found that there was virtually no ?? utility ?? is. Like to have human males seem the sole right to orgasm pleasure. All one has been discovered in research that the orgasm to stand on the woman prevents quickly so that fertilization is more likely to succeed. But there has been major concerns about orgasm during penetration. Only when the woman on top of the man, she is statistically the most likely to achieve an orgasm.

From childhood

Everyone knows that orgasm in women was not evident and that men are not always convenient and sensitive enough to bring their partner to it. Reportedly, scientists have found that young girls from five month old already come and masturbate to orgasm. It seems a ridiculous idea, but it has shown it scientifically, which means that the feminine equipment is functioning properly well.

Other cultures

The authors of ?? Woman secret ?? also included an instructive ethnological part. They talk about different cultures where sexuality in a very open and inventive way is practiced in contrast to the culture dominated by Christianity where it is rather restricted and suppressed. The Aborigines in Australia for example, should women who were not satisfied by their husbands have sex again within twelve hours with all the men they want until they find their liking <;

Orgasm is not evident

Of one thing the writers are certain: recent scientific studies show that 20 to 30 percent of women do not orgasm during sexual intercourse compared with 90 to 95 percent of men and that this is not due to a deficiency of nature. It seems rather a failure of culture. Woman's pleasure is not recognized as such so that they can let themselves go unpunished. For centuries it has been suppressed female desire, she considered a desire of a madman, as a symptom of a disease or witchcraft. Ignorance has brought with it fear and the ban may enjoy. Until the second half of the twentieth century, a woman was still considered as frigid as they could not come to a vaginal orgasm. Who could bring themselves to a clitoral orgasm was somehow disturbed and showed a behavior disorder.

Where's the button?

So there is no button that allows the woman quickly be able to reach the seventh heaven. It is not enough to press the tip of her nose, for example, to do her out of the sphere. A woman is much more complicated. So the woman must learn to orgasm on her way and according to its specific body to excite. This requires a long and patient journey of discovery of the body. She has to have every interest in it over with other women on the margins of this necessary learning discuss and, above all, to lead their partner if it has not itself. Perhaps this thick book of over 400 pages will help her.