Wooden or plastic dormer

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There is a lot involved to make placing a dormer. A big decision to be made is choosing a media type. It is important to choose a material that complements your needs. Do you choose a wooden or a dormer window dormer plastic? Below you can read the characteristics of both types of dormers.

Wooden dormer

A wooden dormer window has many advantages but also some disadvantages. A great advantage of the dormer window is that it is cheap to buy. A wooden dormer window can show all locations from about ?? 3,000. In addition, the dormer has an authentic and natural look. This makes a dormer of wood among other very suitable for old buildings. Wood is easy to work and this ensures that the dormer window can be easily customized. This is ideal for the creation of a unique dormer. Because wood is easy to edit any damage to the dormer also easy to repair. A wooden dormer must be cleaned regularly to prevent rot. In addition, the dormer window 1 should be about once every 5 years in order to be re-painted keep the dormer window neat. The painting of the dormer may also be an advantage if you want to give your home a different look.

Plastic dormer

Plastic dormer window has a modern look and therefore fits well with newer homes. Want a plastic dormer with the look of a wooden dormer? Then choose a wood color or wood grain. The cost for a dormer plastic start at around ?? 3750 for a dormer of 150 cm high and 250 cm wide. The plastic dormer is more expensive, but cheaper to maintain than a wooden dormer. On an annual cleanup after the plastic dormer requires very little maintenance. The dormer is resistant to bad weather and will not incur these rapidly damage. A plastic dormer can also last up to 50 years. A plastic dormer window consists of a wooden base structure with a plastic finish. An advantage of the plastic is the good insulation. Plastic dormer retains heat well indoors, so you can save money on your energy costs.

Polyester dormer

Want a dormer window with better insulation? Then look at a polyester dormer. A polyester dormer window is made completely of plastic, but is made, as opposed to a regular plastic dormer window, from the first part. This seamless construction, the dormer is particularly well insulated. The prices of polyester dormer or somewhat higher. Prices start at around ?? 4250. Thanks to the good insulation, however, you may save money on your heating bills.


You know what dormer you want to print? Make sure that you do not pay too much money unnecessarily. This can be done by opting for a license-free through the dormer window or dormer itself to hammer out. It's also smart to make the prices of different specialists together. This allows you to also better negotiate the price.