Wordfeud: Cheating / Cheats

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It is the most addictive mobile app of the moment: Wordfeud. With this app you can play Scrabble on your mobile phone from friends and strangers. The popularity of the app has also ensured that there are many applications help to make it easier to play Scrabble. Both automatic cheat apps, as the more innocent apps and websites with useful word lists each letter in the alphabet.

Auto cheat Apps

Wordr - Scrabble word finder
The advantage of Wordr, compared to all other cheat apps is that you can integrate your Wordfeud account in the app. After the app your login details have filled it automatically integrates your current games and seeks the best opportunities. The app also takes into account the additional value of colored boxes. Once the app you enter the best opportunities employer gave you talking himself into the Wordfeud app. The app includes both the Dutch vocabulary, as the British and American vocabulary. It is impossible for the opponent to figure out that you cheat. Naturally you need to be careful loaning your phone because the shortcut is usually right next to the Wordfeud app. The app is free to download in the Appstore and Android Market.
When Winfeud app you must manually enter the number of letters that you have on your "shelf". The anagram of letters then makes the app a list of best options. The app does not account for additional word value or literal value. However, you can indicate which letter on the board you want to link your word and in what position this letter to appear in the word. The app is free and available for download in the Appstore and Android Market.
Also, there are a number of web sites with a so-called word generator:
  • Scrabblewoord.nl
  • Wordfeud word generator


One relative to your opponent something fairer way of cheating is by using word lists. There are many internet sites that all have lists of words beginning with a certain letter of the alphabet. These sites often provide lists of words with tough characters like the 'X', 'Y' and 'Q'. The sites are to be found on Google under the keywords "scrabble dictionary 'and' wordfeud glossary. So it is wise to learn some words with this often difficult to establish letters from your head so you can always lose them.
An example of a website with lists of words is: