Working with pleasure

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There are many people who spend more time with peers than with his or her own partner. There are many people who spend most of the day at work and do not enjoy it. Here you are very unhappy. You can make a lot of help to find work more happiness. There are some points where you can dwell on that.

What is important to work

Do you have enough freedom in your work to share in your day? Having this freedom makes the work more pleasant than if this is not the case. It's good not to have to walk on your toes and still have plenty of challenges. Too little challenge is not good because it gets boring. Then there boredom can strike so the day is going to last very long. This is not useful to take pleasure in your work. You want also like to feel useful and why do you need a challenge. This challenge varies per person. Try it once dwelling on what you give challenge. It is also important to have good social contacts with colleagues. The valuation of your boss is also a very motivating factor.

Strengths and weaknesses

Think about your strengths and your less strong sides. Try to think of at least three of each. Examples may include: ambitious, persevere, be flexible, be able to plan, social, good with numbers and good with computers. Do your strengths to full advantage in your work? You will be happier if you can do things you're good at. It's good to work on your less strong sides, but this should not prevail. If your working day largely consists of things you less good at, you can look at the possibilities of your strengths to more forward striking.

What can you do about it

Ask yourself what you can do to be happier at work. View the jobs that you do once in detail. Example, there are tasks you do not like? Can these tasks may be exchanged with colleagues who find it fun to do? Is there too little challenge in your tasks? Maybe it's time to even have a conversation with your manager to look at the possibilities. Is the atmosphere not so cozy? Perhaps is it fun to plan a fun outing to get to know each other again in a different way.

What impact does my character

Everyone has their own baseline level of happiness. This basic level is constantly influenced by the things that happen, but eventually you'll keep coming back to the base. If your base level "unfortunate", then you will be unhappy in your work. People who have just started a new job are usually happier in the beginning. After a while they come back in their basic level of how they experience happiness.

View Thinking patterns

Especially if you work somewhere a long time you can get stuck in certain patterns of thinking. If this negative thought patterns you are unhappy with. You often see this when people compare themselves with others. For example, they see that the other has nicer jobs, more wages have or have better contact with the manager. Try to deal with positive thinking. Try to look at what is fun about your job and what you choose to be good. By frequently dwell on positives are you'll be happier.


A good salary is fine to meet your living expenses. With a better salary you can buy things that can make life easier. Note, however, that if you've reached a certain welstandsniveau, more income does not make you happier. It should work harder for more money can also give more stress making you any happier.

Another job

If you discovered is that there are no improvements are possible in your work and you really see yourself not be happier it might be better to look for another job. In these times it might be very difficult to find another job. Maybe you dare not give a permanent contract for the uncertainty of temporary contracts. Perhaps it is a possibility to do to focus on fun things besides work. Spend even a little extra time in hobbies and things you like. There you will also be happier.