Workpiece hoses for children

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A talk for most children is quite difficult, especially if it is the first. Let the child choose a fun topic that finds it fun and interesting. Children love animals especially a nice subject. Snakes are even more fun because that is also a bit scary.

the snake

Snakes are long thin animals without legs, eyelids or ears. They hear through vibrations caused by sound vibrations feel the snake with his body and knows that where there is a prey. The tongue of the snake, he can smell and taste the tongue looks a little like a fork. Snakes are reptiles like turtles, lizards, crocodiles and chameleons. Snakes are cold-blooded animals, which means they can not keep themselves warm like us but for example, must use the sun before.
There are some 3,000 species of which is 20% giftig.Die can be divided into two kinds of poison snakes and serpents strangle.
These snakes kill their prey to strangle by him. The prey is caught by the snake as soon as possible and wrap his body around the prey. Thus suffocates the prey and the snake eat without chewing the dead prey at once.
Poisonous snakes
The head of a venomous snake venom glands sit, poison is made herein and stored. If the snake bites prey he sees him with his big teeth quickly so the poison enters the prey and die. Then the snake can eat the prey quietly.
  • The longest snake is the Python reticulatus and may be 9 meters.
  • The shortest hose is only 10 centimeters long
  • Snakes can take 15 to 40 years old.

Snakes in Netherlands

In the Netherlands, little snakes because most snakes need heat, and in the Netherlands it is for most snakes koud.Er three snake species that can live here well:
  • Grass snake
  • Smooth snake
  • Adder

All three species are protected in the Netherlands, which means that you can not catch them or doden.De Adder is the only venomous snake in the Netherlands, but for people the poison is not fatal.
Grass snake
The Grass Snake Grass Snake is called by the yellow ring ?? ?? around its neck just under the head.
He lives near water, where he finds his food. The Grass Snake eats mainly frogs, fish, snails and worms.
Smooth snake
The Smooth snake can be recognized by the dark brown stripe running from his nose to his neck.
This snake is a snake strangle and lives in the forest or on the moors. They eat mostly lizards and sometimes other small snakes.
The Smooth snake will be in the Netherlands for but is rare so there are very few.
The Viper is the only venomous snake in the Netherlands, but people are poison is not fatal.
This hose is to recognize the dark zigzag stripe on its back. Viper mostly eat mice and rabbits.
This snake is the only snake in the Netherlands with a vertical pupil, the other species have a round pupil.

How to eat a snake

Because there are so many snakes, there are also different ways to catch a prey and eat it.
All snakes have a forked tongue with which they look for prey because snakes can not hear and can not see well.
The constrictor snake strangles its prey and swallows the prey with the head first. The Venomous snake bites its prey and swallows the prey with the head first. The head goes first so that the legs of the victim not remain in stabbing the throat of the snake.
Because snakes have their trachea in the lower jaw, they can move it forward so that they can continue to breathe while swallowing large prey. This is necessary because the prey of the hose may be larger than the tube itself
Mucus in the mouth of the snake helps further sliding of the prey to the stomach. Swallowing the prey is often very slow. If snakes a good big prey ate them afterwards or sometimes six months without food.

Reproduction of the snake

Males and females snakes are very similar to each other, only females are usually slightly larger. Snakes usually lay eggs but there are snakes species that have similar baby snakes, which they call levendbarend. When snakes lay eggs, they usually do so in a warm and safe place such as under a rotting tree trunk, a pile of leaves or under a rock. The sun takes care of the heat that is needed by the eggs. A time lay hoses between the 4th and 40th eieren.De baby snakes have in the hatch an egg tooth. This is a sharp tip on the baby long snout which they can break the egg to get out. The egg tooth falls afterwards itself off again.

A snake as a pet

Hoses can also keep well as pets. This requires you have a terrarium, this is a kind of aquarium but without water. In this box of glass should you take care of plants, stone and wood and a little water to drink.
The bin should look like the spot where the snake normally lives in nature. Furthermore, the hose also need enough heat, this is done with, for example a heat lamp that hangs above your loft. The snake then eats the occasional mouse or insects that you can buy at the pet shop. Most snakes are bred to be sold as pets and not caught in the wild. Where drinking water hoses?