World Championships 2012 - Valkenburg

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In September 2012, the world road cycling championships organized in Valkenburg.


It's the fifth time that the Limburg municipality is the host of the World Championships. In 1938 the World Cup was first held in Valkenburg. Marcel Kint won that year. Like all the other times that the World Cup was held in Valkenburg, also went in 1938 the trail on the Cauberg. At the time, however, this was yet another climb today: the road surface on the Cauberg did not exist in asphalt, cobblestones.


For the world championship of 1948 there were two big favorites: Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali. The two leaders of the Italian team during the match refused to cooperate. They loved each other so much in mind that they lost significant other competitors out of sight. Eventually, Coppi and Bartali reason for such a large backlog of a group with other top riders, that they decided to move away. The world went on this sweltering day at Briek Schotte.
The Italian cycling federation was furious about the behavior of their two leaders. Coppi and Bartali were therefore suspended for two months.


Jan Raas won the rainbow jersey in 1979 in Valkenburg. That World Cup led to a major conflict between the Dutch top cyclists and the NIS. The director of the NIS had in fact very clearly in the picture see that Jan Raas during the climbs of the Cauberg clinging to teammates so he could save energy. The Dutch riders blamed the NIS, they show did this or of Raas and not from the leaders of other nations who had done the same. As a result of this conflict the Dutch top cyclists some time refused to be interviewed by the NIS.


In 1998 the Swiss rider Oscar Camenzind won the world title in Valkenburg. Michael Boogerd rode a very strong race, but he was eliminated during the finals due to a puncture. During this World Cup Leontien van Moorsel won the time trial at the ladies. The world was her final comeback in the world.

World Cup special

This product is part of the special on the World Championships in 2012.

Program 2012

A striking feature of the program is the World Cup of 2012, the team time trial after years is back on the World Cup program.
Previously, the team time trial, however, was a part for amateurs and drove them into country teams. Valkenburg is a component for pros. Another notable change is that this is now a team time trial for sponsored teams and not for country teams.
Saturday 15 September:
  • Opening Manifestation in Maastricht

Sunday September 16
  • Team Time Trial Women
  • Team Time Trial Men

Monday September 17
  • Individual Time Trial Men juniors
  • Individual Time Trial Men espoirs

Tuesday, September 18
  • Junior Women's Individual Time Trial
  • Individual time trial Elite Women

Wednesday September 19
  • Individual time trial men elite

Thursday, September 20
  • Recreational youth events in Landgraaf
  • UCI Congress in Maastricht

Friday, September 21
  • Road race Junior Women

Saturday, September 22
  • Road Race Men espoirs
  • Elite Women's Road Race

Sunday September 23
  • Road Race Men juniors
  • Men's elite road race
  • Closing Ceremony Valkenburg