Writing: a passion?

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It is not always easy to put someone out that writing is your passion. In an age where everything is very fast, in which people have no patience anymore, where it ?? I ?? is more important than we ?? ??, one can not understand that so ?? s soporific hobby you can touch. Is writing then so boring? And why can a modern man in the midst of the great cauldron which the world has become, not be ignited by the writing bug?

The germ of writing

The average writer discovers early on that the pen is the most important tool in his life. From infancy you feel the urge to be creative.
It always starts with reading. Sometimes you do it spontaneously, but often give your parents the start: as a boy you long for the moment for reading at bedtime. Thanks to the voice of the mother or father you get to know the world of the fairy tale and adventure and put the heroes of the most exciting stories you dreaming. You are carried away by the folks who created the best writers.
Once you decipher the print master, the great adventure begins reading. You should look at the characters that will give you the youth and childhood color. They are the best preparation for your own creativity that smolders deep within you.
Soon feel the itch and you can not resist the urge to create your own heroes and dropping them in the most unlikely situations. The tension you felt while reading your favorite book you trying to call back into your own stories. It is not easy. Writing is indeed an art in itself and as each section before you become proficient before you obtain your master's degree. You learn by trial and error the tricks of the verhalenvertellerij, but you are driven and feel the writer blood flow through your veins and you know that one day I reach my goal.

Why write?

Why you're going to write is not always clear. Was it just to copy the need admired examples? It is not uncommon, even great painters like Monet began to copy their heroes before they themselves open flourished, but in the first place was that irresistible urge in yourself that you incited the world of fiction and the imagination enter.
Some do it because they want to add color to their lives. Or because they want to lead a nameless existence and dream of one day and honored to be celebrated, perhaps even will win the Nobel Prize. They dream ever to be included in the gallery of the greats.
Others want at all costs to make their ideas known to the world. This is possible through stories, but equally through non-fiction and scientific publications or historical studies.
There are writers who consider it their duty to educate their people ?? ??. As Conscience taught his people to read, so they want to teach their people think.
Others are so marked by the lives they purged by their writings. The writing as therapy. It is not a rarity.
There are many reasons why someone starts writing. And in the end it does not really matter. As long as the writer can express his egg and writing not as an imposed job but as a vocation consider the reader can benefit from it.

One of many

There are millions of writers in the world, a bit better than the other, the one that already more successful than others. Few, however, succeed in writing to make their profession. Few also relish the satisfaction of a publication. Hence, the writer world is split into professional authors and amateur writers.
However, it is everyone's intention is to reach as many readers and is therefore often the big disappointment as despite years of hard work and perseverance pay forthcoming.
It is not always the fault of the writer. The modern writer immmers is not only a writer, but also vendor and public relations of his own work, as well as his own financier and accountant. The original mission of the writer, writing itself is only a part of its overall activity. Anyone who meets the new profile sees his chances expense increased considerably. But unfortunately it is not for everyone, because not everyone is mediated or has a loose tongue to convince publishers to turn on the talent people to buy their work.

Will the real writer then stand up?

Writer you are, you do not become a writer, says the ?? real ?? writer. Nevertheless you decades numerous or may not emerge malpractices: literary workshops, courses creative writing often linked to instructional expenses springing from the ground. The number of instructions ?? ?? how stories, novels, poems, drama stukkken and the like to write, does not count anymore.
Brings to earth the top?
If you already own the suggested rules and regulations meticulously follow to get to a kind of structured writing, a theory on paper, but it also makes you a writer?
Because: a writer you are, you do not become a writer. You have the talent to write lyrics, or you do not. You could have a beautiful according to the rules of the accumulated text legible, but where's the soul, the momentum of the heart in this writer? Where is the passion, the gravy that makes a text above the mechanical rise?
All rules have exceptions and there are cases of people who followed a literary education and were successful, are now waving expenses and to have boast of literary recognition harvested. But let not deceive you: they are white ravens.

Every writer at heart deserves his readers

Ultimately, the real ?? ?? writer a person who does not write, which day after day at his desk and puts his inspiration free rein. Sometimes that is not always straightforward and it falters, the infamous ?? ?? writer's block ?? lurks around the corner and every writer is confronted with it, but the author dyed in the wool bravely bite the bullet and go with his knowledge and his over the years accumulated experience, he swims through the toughest water bodies. Publishing is fun and good for the ego, but if you know that publishers receive daily tens of manuscripts in the bus, you can quite imagine that it is very difficult to stand out. Not everyone is born Pablo Neruda or Salman Rushdie.
With the advent of the Internet there for the average writer is a unique opportunity added to present his work to a lot of potential readers, without having had to necessarily publish. The real writer, the writer at heart, even though he is not the greatest talent on the globe, considers this as a gift from heaven. At last he has readers who deserves every writer who is committed to deliver the best possible texts. And if he's really worth it, he will certainly sooner or later get the opportunity to do even more to speak on another level!