Yoga exercises wake

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Well, we do like to wake up every day, or at least most people. But sometimes yoga can make a contribution to. A contribution in the sense that we except the eyes re-open it, also nice fit to start the day. Some yoga exercises that are specially focused on, can help you.


Try the exercises always first off, you have to feel good about, and only if the exercises feel good go they expand in number. Of course you have to give some time a complicated attitude to get used to.

The mountain

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, with the heels slightly turned out. Extend your arms in front of you and twist your fingers together. With the palms facing outward. Now breathe correctly. Once you exhale, extend your arms above your head and put your feet firmly on the ground. It may feel strange, because you're making emotionally the opposite stretch. But you will get more space around your waist. Now focus on your breathing while you stretch gently at attention. This stretch so hold ?? one minute and then let the poor things calmly and hang your longest body.

The triangle

The triangle consists of several triangles and this is from a. These do if you suffer from high blood pressure or pain in the lower back.
Move the feet we stand apart, with toes pointing forward. Put your feet firmly on the ground, put your hands behind you on your back and twist the fingers together, palms facing upwards. Now breathe well and exhale bend forward slowly with a relaxed spine. Continue to bend as you lift the arms over your head. Concentrate on breathing and keep good posture fixed as ?? n minute. Slowly return to an upright position and allow the arms calm down.

The dog

The exercises to avoid high blood pressure.
Get on your hands and knees, put your hands in line with your shoulders and put your knees hip-width apart. Breathe in and as you exhale bring your weight on your toes and raise your knees up a little. At the same time push your tailbone up at an angle and press your heels toward the floor. Attach the legs as long as possible and relax the face and neck. Hold this position as ?? one minute and then go back to the original position on hands and knees.

The standing fish

Stand hip-width apart with your feet and turn your heels out slightly. Twist the fingers behind the back together with the palms facing up. Breathe in and exhale gently lift you the center of the chest and opens the shoulders back. Make sure your feet are firmly on the ground and open the back of the knees in this way. Concentrate on your breathing again hold this position so ?? s fixed minute and then slowly out your arms and let them hang at your sides.


If you have done these exercises is the right moment to give the body a complete rest by lying down and eyes shut. Concentrate on your breathing and feel slide the inhaled air towards the lungs and carry it back through the blood. Thus the breath of air distributes throughout your body. You feel your rib cage and abdomen come quietly embankment and your spine elongates. Breathe out gently and feel your stomach drop again, while exhalation should always just take a little longer than the inhalation. Let gravity to your body. Follow the breath in this exercise well, because it is the key to bringing peace into your body.


There are several ways to be involved with your body, but if you choose to deepen your yoga not only in the exercises, but more still breathing. There lies the key to your body and exercises come naturally.