Yoga Pose to stay young: Dhanurasana

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The arc attitude, or dhanurasana, is famous as a yoga posture that makes young. Of course it's not just this attitude that has a rejuvenating effect. Yoga in general rejuvenating because your physical, emotional and mental health improves considerably.

Young yoga: performing the asanas

During this yoga exercise breathing deeply, calmly and slowly. Breathing is low, that is, you breathe as low as possible because your stomach and not your chest. Lie on your stomach with your arms at your sides, flex your legs and push them up so that the knees and femurs of the earth come down. Your knees are parallel but apart and your back is curved. Grab with your left hand bite your left ankle with your right hand and your right ankle. Move your chest and head. Both the chest and the thighs touch the ground anymore. Move as far up as you can, but watch your limits.
The upward movement of the legs is made by pushing the feet up from the upper legs. This yoga pose will find the contraction of the muscles therefore place in the legs and not the back! The back and the rest of the body remain relaxed.
The legs together off the ground while you raise both arms. The arms are outstretched and the legs are straight and stand somewhat apart. Also lift the chest off the ground, as far as you can, and look down your arms forward.
Variant for advanced yogi's
In this version you get into the bow position and then you move on your belly from front to back. You fluctuates as it were, back and forth. When the head moves back and breathe in when the head moves forward exhale.

Young and fit with the half locust pose

This variant is actually another yoga pose and is called the half-posture. Unlike the arc zone Find the contraction of the muscles in the back seat now. This posture resembles the bow stance and, like the bow pose a rejuvenating effect.
In this yoga exercise you do first the left half of your body. Lie on your stomach with the head down, fold your hands together under your head and let your forehead resting on the back of your left hand. Now lift the left leg stretched on the ground, flex and relax your feet. At the same time straighten your right leg and the right foot so that the right knee gets off the ground. Hold the pose for a moment and change of leg.
Span only the muscles in the left half of the body and only the muscles that are required to lift the leg. The rest of the body is relaxed. In particular, the muscles in the lower back are pulled together. Turn left hip does not outwardly. How much you get is not important, it is important that you perform the exercise. Then swap your leg and you work on the right half of your body. Repeat both sides.

Safety while practicing yoga

Be careful when practicing yoga that you are good to your own body and its limits keep listening. Yoga is also about self-respect and kindness. Why not overdo it. You cross borders provides no benefit to your health, on the contrary which exceeds while practicing yoga are limits in terms of health will go right back! To as many of these exercises can benefit the bow posture or one of the variants are part of your daily yoga workout.