Yoga - Sun Salutation

Health CoolMike July 25, 2016 0 14
The sun salutation is a series of exercises that you can do to make the body flexible and stretch. These exercises make muscles supple and elastic. In doing so exercises for development of both body and mind, because you have to control to perform the exercises on your mind and your body. The sun salutation can be used for warming up before doing Asana ?? s. Asana ?? s his yoga exercises. It is a preparation for the Asana ?? s. The sun salutation consists of several exercises that stretch ever opposing muscles.

Step 1

Stand up straight with your feet together. Fold your hands in the prayer position ?? ?? for your chest. Thereby dividing your weight on your body and exhale.

Step 2

Breathe deeply, thereby stretching your arms above your head. Try to make jee hollow back and push your hips out. Stretch your legs, keeping your neck relaxed.

Step 3

Breathe out slowly bend forward as far as possible thereby. Keep your legs straight as much as possible thereby. Let your hands rest horizontally next to your feet on the ground.

Step 4

Keep supporting your hands on the ground. Breathe slowly and deeply and stretch while your left leg as far back as possible. Keep your right foot between your hands flat on the floor. Keep your head is not up, so keep looking forward.

Step 5

Inhale and stretch thereby also your right leg back so your legs are positioned next to each other. Keep your hips up so that your back is more or less horizontal. Focus your eyes now toward the ground.

Step 6

Hold your breath as you bring your body to the ground. Begin by taking the legs and so on until your knees, chest and forehead touching the ground. Keep your hips and abdomen from scratch.

Step 7

Breathe slowly and deeply as you stretch your arms again. Point your upper body while from the waist up. Bend your head back, allowing you to make your back hollow. Look up thereby.

Step 8

Exhale as you establishes your hips so that your butt is the highest point of your body. Make sure your head is in alignment with your arms outstretched. Keep your feet together and make sure that they are straight.

Step 9

Inhale slowly, cast on your right leg forward so your feet will be placed between your hands. Your right leg is hereby against your chest. Bend your left leg so that your knee almost touches the ground. Look up thereby.

Step 10

Exhale, keeping your left foot next to your right foot between your hands, place. Keep your hands on the floor. Stretch your legs, keep your head and back while still facing down. Bend your hips to bring, as in step 3 you abdomen as close to your thighs.

Step 11

Stretch your arms, as in step 2, above your head and breathing in. Slowly bend backward so you pull back hollow.

Step 12

Bring your arms down and fold them, as in step 1 to your chest. Thereby Look up at the sun.
It is very important that you do not want to go too far. You should listen to your body. A little stress is good, but with a kind of pain you should immediately relieve the pressure!