You are what you eat!

Health FeelTheSoul August 7, 2016 0 1
"You are what you eat". A well known saying with a meaning that is not as clear for everyone. Yet it is a valuable saying. If you think about it, it can give an important insight and help you in a good way with food and your body to go. As a result, you live healthier and therefore probably longer. When we say that you are what you eat, we meant that someone who eats a lot of apples, will resemble an apple. Or someone who only eats beef more like a cow than someone who eats other meats. That's a literal interpretation. But the true meaning of the saying in our present time more important. Precisely for this reason it is good to cherish the thought process behind it.

Not too literally

You need the saying 'you are what you eat' not be taken too literally. We all have a body where we bring our whole lives have to. Primarily, our body needs oxygen to survive. But after that the food you get in the main to stay alive.
In addition, our body is a wonderful machine. In many ways, the human body is the most precious gift you can find in nature. But to keep the body alive and healthy you should there throwing the correct fuel. Also, for that matter, you can compare our body with a machine.

Our body can be anything

In our body is all going. For example, think of all of the renewal of cells and immune system. In order to perform all functions well, but it requires the correct substances. For example, vitamins, fiber, minerals, antioxidants, energy, and so on. Our whole body must sustain itself with the nourishment it receives. There are all kinds of processes occur to those substances again to make the right business that can use our body.

Proper nutrition

But you could say that your body is made up of the foods you eat. You are then literally what you've eaten. Therefore it is even worse to stop poor nutrition in your body. Some things are simply bad for you and your body and you should avoid so. In addition, there is a lot of food that does not cause problems in moderation, but a surfeit it'll be detrimental. Usually the longer term.
Again you can again make the comparison with a machine. There's everything in your car: petrol, gas or diesel fuel. But also coolant, engine oil, brake fluid, wiper fluid, freon and so forth. Everybody understands that you should not go changing these liquids. You put no brake fluid in your coolant reservoir and vice versa. That it will have bad consequences is not so difficult to understand. With our body is in fact not much different. Even though we are often not so consciously silent. Strange, because our body is much more precious than any car.

Our flexible digestion

Of course there are some differences. So it goes in our body all the nourishment by mouth in our digestive system. There are no different places for the minerals, vitamins and other important nutrients. On the one hand it would be handy because you'll know exactly what you do / do not need and what you should do with it. But in reality you find in nature, no pure materials. In most of the food you will find a combination of all kinds of nutrients. It is therefore particularly convenient that we can eat our food and it just our body gets the proper substances from the food. And the superfluous and waste discharges again.

In the longer term

Another important difference with a car, the consequences of misfuelling. Do you do the wrong things in your car, then your call quickly against major problems. Our body, however, is much more tolerant and able to keep the very long. As a result, malnutrition among not so readily apparent. You can eat relatively poorly for years and still have few problems. But that does not mean there are no problems. Slowly but surely it will go backwards, but unfortunately it is not so fast.

Tasty or healthy?

The primary function of food is to nourish our bodies. Everyone will understand. However, it seems to be increasingly in practice going to eat delicious things. How healthy the food is, is therefore secondary. However, many people still look at the calories and carbohydrates, to prevent obesity. But a slim body is a healthy body.

What impact does poor nutrition?

It often seems that nowadays there are more and more cases of cancer and other serious illnesses. For many of these diseases are not such good explanations. But an association with poor diet is not so far-fetched. If you do not structurally bad eating and your body gets the nutrients it needs, it is likely that there will eventually things go wrong in your body. And certain features may no longer be optimal or even no longer work. So please be aware of your diet and know that you are what you eat: Eat healthy and be healthy!